Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Musical Meme-ity meme-ery

Picked up this bug from Nobody™ and as it is the ONLY bug that is not causing hacking, burning or spewing around here... I feel fine sharing.

List seven songs you are into right now...no matter what they are. BUT. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Times Like These- Foo Fighters
2. Got You (Where I Want You)- The Flys
3. Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse
4. Little Sister- Queens Of The Stone Age
5. Love Me Like A Man- Bonnie Raitt
6. Matte Kudesai- King Crimson
7. Some Kind Of Wonderful- Joss Stone

Now with the taggin'
1. Suburban Gorgon
2. Shelli
3. Sari
4. Sara k
5. J.D.
6. Mama D
7. Elizasmom


sari said...

Just what I like, music meme!

I'll think a bit and post my list soon!

elizasmom said...

well, as you saw, I'm already in. I like this meme. Gives me ideas about what to put on the musical chipclip...

Blogarita said...

I had no idea King Crimson was still around...or maybe I should say around again. I only know their first album from 1969. I'll have to check that song out.

Fantastagirl said...

Love that Bonnie Raitt song.

Meredith said...

Is it so wrong that the only song you mention that I know is the Bonnie Rait one? Yes, I am that uncool and unhip!

Shelli said...

Both you and Tug tagged me with this one so I will gladly do it. Looking forward to it.

sarah k. said...

OK, pant pant, I did it, pant. Don't think any less of me cuz I'm such a geek.