Friday, July 27, 2007


Being a parent in catastrophic situations can change a human being for the better, if that human is open to that kind of change. By catastrophic, I mean.... the toddler experience. When Pearl was born...Birdie was three and LaLa was not yet two. For those of you who have never done anything like this, or lack imagination... I am talking about procreation that rates about an 8.75 on the Richter Scale. The entire month of May this year was another form of a catastrophic event in parenting. Day to day living with a narrowed scope of ambition, is also a form of erosion to my creative heart.

When I think about the ways that I am changing, I think in terms of a rough and shattered lump of stone; interesting yeah, but uncomfortable to hold in your hand, especially if you grip it hard. I think I am that stone, and motherhood is water. Oceanic water, river water, dripping water, rolling me and tumbling me and eroding the parts that stick out. Sometimes I miss those stick-out interesting parts, sometimes I miss my passions and pursuits. But I'll tell ya, my HOPE is that in the end, a heretofore unrevealed inner beauty will be revealed by way of this tumbling and polishing process. A vein of purple, speckles of green? Is there gold in my center? Maybe. But it is entirely possible that in the end, I will be left, a round, smooth and completely unremarkable bluish grey rock. Maybe by the time that happens, I'll be OK with that kind of end.

One of the best ways that this experience has changed me is by loosening my death grip on stuff. First thing to go was my body, and, while the longer I go on this way, the more I suspect that I wasn't quite as clever as I once thought I was... but, I'm pretty sure that my mind is slipped a few notches as well. Maybe a LOT of notches. Whatever degree of coolness I had achieved, was sucked away by the four millionth spirited rendition of Eensy Weensy Spider, or maybe it was the time I looked up the lyrics to the theme song for Scooby Doo at the behest of a two year old Birdie. So long.

Material stuff. Like furniture, DVD's and clean walls. It's a lesson I have to relearn every so often... but for the most part I get it, and when I encounter someone who is learning it the hard way, or insisting that their "stuff" is sacrosanct... sometimes it's amusing and sometimes it's down right annoying. Whatever. I'm just trying to get by with the minimal amount of destruction to... well, everything!

All in all, this has been an annoyingly pompous way of announcing that the quilt that I am giving away? Has a new new home! The winner is the lovely Jennifer of The Road Less Traveled



amy said...

I prefer to think that with all the edges knocked off, you'll become a crystal clear round prism (if round prisms are possible) in which the light of Christ will shine through and be magnified a thousand fold--with ALL of the colors of the rainbow!

Jennifer said...

Yippee! We promise to give it a good home!

I! Can't! Stop! With! The! Exclamations! because we are super-dooper excited to see the quilt in our mailbox.

Thanks Bon!

sarah k. said...

Yay for Jennifer!

And lovely Bon, there's definitely gold in there, and it's not like it's hidden away.

ps, I think getting stupider as a result of being a sahm comes with the territory. I can feel how much slower my brain is now than it was before the kids. We can all relate.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

My middle child wipes boogers on the walls. I've told him a billion times to not wipe boogers on the walls. If you do a little math, a billion booger reminders has to add up to nearly ten pounds of snot.

I make him clean off the boogers. He dislikes it because he has to scrub.

Blogarita said...

Hurray for Jennifer!

And as for you, you're a gem already!

Jenni said...

That's a lurvely analogy!

Amber said...

Yay for Jennifer!

So- now that I'm living in ZION and your baby is better- when can we hang?

shoeaddict said...

Hey Bon, come on over to the Diary and read the post about all the old toys being new again (Old is Cool or something). You are the authority on all things *new* my little pony.

Mama D said...

Boo Hoo I didn't win. But congrats to Jennifer!

I am certain you have gold in your center.