Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Pic: Paint

So the joke is pretty much on me, and my sorry attempts to post pictures of all the hard work that has been done in Chaos in the past few days. I waited till the girls were in bed and I could pick up a bit before taking the snaps of my walls a la Tequila this evening. But you can hardly tell the difference in the before pics and the afters in the low light. Not that the color jumps out at ya in real life... but there IS a difference! The thing about this color, is it appears brown, grey, green or white as the light hits it. It ROCKS, but you have to look closely, especially in the sink photos.

The kitchen sink in it's before state, complete with dirty dishes.

The sink in it's after state... notice that the color of the walls and the sink itself now are different.
To the left of the sink.

To the right of the sink (look close, you will rarely see this much countertop).

The kitchen table. Yes, the blinds have a busted out slat in the lower left hand corner. Not replacing that thing again till it's even more beat than that.

Front room .

More front room, and I will add that the biggest pain in the patootie to paint was the freaking hallway... and it just looks white in all the photos I take. Will try in daylight tomorrow. My hands hurt. Goodnight.


gingerstory said...

Yea! How fun! I especially like the last one, you can really see the contrast against the door and trim--I like it! I want to see it in real life! I bet that was A LOT of work but it really looks great!

gingerstory said...

I love the plates above your kitchen window too. I am jealous of your house!! It's a good one--I'm glad you guys have it!

elizasmom said...

Man, you guys don't mess around, do you? That is some serious painting you done got accomplished there in the past week. And it looks great — love how the different trim and room decor makes that color pop in different ways. Good choice!

Kate said...

It's beautiful! You can see the contrast. I love paint colors that change with the light. We currently have one that goes from light cream to mint green depending on the light. So fabulous!

BTW, looking at all those walls you painted makes me tired. I painted our little, itty, bitty guest bath and I am pooped!

Mama D said...

It all looks lovely. And makes my head hurt to think of how much work it was. I was thinking it would have been nice to see the place disassembled for painting but that might keep me from ever taking on a project like that myself.

Fantastagirl said...

Wow - you were busy! Looks great!

Nobody™ said...

Awesome job.

Feel free to come to East Undershirt anytime and paint to your hearts content.

Blogarita said...

That looks great! Now that everything's all organized and pretty, you'll surely have time for the meme over at my place. I tagged you for it!