Monday, July 23, 2007


I finally figured out how it works, and I decided not to do it.

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool idea, this giveaway thing... but if I put a linky up at Rocks in my Dryer, then everyone and their pet dog would have a shot at winning this blanket, and I had envisioned this going to an actual reader of this blog. Again. Cool idea, so do go and check out these rockin' bloggers. I will just not be one of them. I'm still giving the quilt away, but it will be to someone who gets here via a more traditional manner.

I am trying to be a little more loosey-goosey about material things, but I really like this quilt... it's soft. And I really like my readers. So here is the deal:

1. If you got to my bloggy giveaway, it is via a traditional means so BY ALL MEANS, sign up!

2. You do not have to have a blog to win, just an email address.

3. Family and real life friends, please join in! Heck, y'all are some of my favorite readers!

4. I am going on a little vay-cay... so this post will stay at the top of this site, and you have until friday at noon to sign up.

5. Leave me a comment with an email addy down in my comments OR... if you are squeamish about being public, drop me an email at the following address.

bon(type in a period)mama(type in an @ sign)gmail(type in a period)com

follow the instructions in the parenthesis... sorry to be cryptic, but spammers have software that picks up email addresses and spams the hootie out of them!

6. Sit back and enjoy a week off from my whining, and tune back in on Friday noonish to see if you've won.

* again... since I'm footing the bill for shipping, only in US or Canada.


Blogarita said...

Sure, enter me in your giveaway! Sparky's daycare provider is pregnant, and this would make a great gift for her new baby!

Jennifer said...

It is so cute! I love that it is baby size. Sign me up please.

Does that spamming thingy happen to commenters, too? I'm just gonna be safe.


shoeaddict said...

Do the cuties come with it? I want.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

It's an adorable quilt!...but I don't need a quilt and I don't know anyone who is expecting a baby... so I'll step aside to let other readers have a better chance.

Cuz I know I'd win it, I just know it. My ego is just that assured, lol.

Lynanne said...

I'd love to enter the drawing for your beautiful quilt!! If we win and the cute kids don't come with it, could they each send a hug with the quilt? They are a little too old for Lil'K but I betcha he'd love the hugs just the same :)


sarah k. said...

We have an abundance of baby blankets, so I think, to be fair, I should keep me out of it. Boo-hoo. In fact, my mom just gave me the one she made the day she had me. Yes, she made a quilt while in labor. She even went out and bought the fabric after her water broke. And then she never gave it to me until today.

elizasmom said...

I, too, have more baby blankies than you can shake a stick at, and my only currently preggo friend hasn't found out the gender so I am bowing out in deference to those who truly need one. Should you decide to make a king-sized quilt (maybe with some olive greens, pale blues, and rusty reds in it, hinthint), however, sign me up!

Mama D said...

I'm not sure if you know me but I've been reading your blog for a while now.

I love the quilt and am excited at the prospect of winning it.



shoeaddict said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing the giveaway. Come sign up

Jessica G. said...

Love baby quilts! So how did you make it?

Becky D said...

Hey Bon. I know a coupla cousins of yours that would LOVE this quilt! :-) Sign me up too.


Nancy said...

I want to tell you how beautiful the quilt is, but I'm declining to enter as well because I'd like someone with a baby or younger child to benefit from your amazing skills.

Seriously. You have some talent!

Jennifer M. said...

I would love to have this quilt for my granddaughter!

Ryann said...

Bonnie-- would love to be entered to win your beautiful quilt. Are you sure you want to part with it? It is spectacular!

Meredith said...

Pick me! It is lovely!