Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunday Pic: Early

We are headed south for the weekend, gotta do some swimming. I thought y'all ought to see some snaps of LaLa's third birthday... and the cake. Always have to throw some braggers up on the cake!

You may think "So? I could go down and buy something that looks better at the store!" And you'd be right. I enjoy making them, but I must admit... I do NOT enjoy making them with the peanut gallery literally hanging on my neck and breathing in my ear. And the FINGERS! OH! The ever so helpful FINGERS! From now on, if I cannot decorate the cake after bedtime? We are hitting the bakery.

I am especially proud of the ceramic unicorn. It was a paint-it-yourself bank from the dollar store. I used my own paints and filled the coin slot with frosting and candles.


Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I made a jungle cake for my kid's bday. None of the photos I took relayed it's magnificence.

I also like decorating the kid's cakes on their birthdays.

I dislike making frosting though. I bake the cake and buy the frosting.

Meredith said...

That is gorgeous! A work of art! I bought this book on making cakes for kids with amazing designs and step by step instructions. Surely, I thought, surely I can follow these instructions and make an awesome cake! Well, there is a reason my stuff never got shown in the school art shows, even in elementary school.

My new goal is to befriend someone who can make cakes like this and schmooze them into making them for me. Hey there, do you ship cross country?

bon said...

My next door neighbor moonlights as a Wilton instructor... as in Wilton cake decorating method. She gave a little mini-class thing at our church women's group and my eyes were OPENED! to how easy it is if you just have a few good tools. Truly, it is a couple of tricks and those tools and you are making some killer looking cakes!

elizasmom said...

What Meredith said — do you ship?!

That is great, and the unicorn is such a creative way to have the candles on the cake. My hat's off to you!

Have a lovely trip, enjoy the swimming — and Happy Birthday to LaLa!! said...

That is a much, much better cake than you could buy most places. I am totally impressed!

Fantastagirl said...

This settles it - I am begging Mr. Incredible to find a job near you and Dadguy - so I can come over and learn what you know... That looks awesome - you did a great job!

Amber said...

Good job! I'm way impressed at the paint job on the unicorn too. I thought you'd purchased it somewhere as an actual cake topper!

Seriously the Wilton classes are awesome- you should take them!

Also have I told you about You'll not be able to tear your eyes away- and the people there are incredibly helpful.

Nancy said...

That's an AMAZING cake. Seriously. I could only dream of making something that looks so excellent -- I've tried, and it's very hard!

Your birthday girl looks thrilled with it too. Happy Birthday to LaLa!!

Mama D said...

Happy Birthday LaLa!!

No store I have ever been to has cakes that look that nice.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Blogarita said...

Your cake is lovely!

I took a few classes a few years ago. I found that the decorating was the easy part. The hard part is cleaning those darn pastry bags!

Suburban Gorgon said...

I think it looks fantastic, Bon!