Friday, February 23, 2007

Good Morning

This morning I walked into the girls room to fetch a pair of panties for LaLa. Birdie, who'd had a rough night of wakeful coughing, had just gotten out of bed. She was standing in the middle of the room with her red hair in a swirl about her head, blinking and looking sad and muddled. She mumbled something, and I asked "What?"

"I said I wished you had called me Alyssa!" she said more clearly this time.

"Alyssa? Why do you wish we had named you Alyssa?" I asked, searching my memories as to whether we had told Birdie that we actually
had narrowed down her name choice to "Birdie" or Alyssa.

"Because Alyssa is a CUTE name!" she wails.

"Well... Birdie is

Not exactly at the top of my game this morning.


Nancy said...

Heh. Mimi loves the name Alyssa too -- she's asked us to call her that before.

Nobody™ said...

Alyssa was on our list at one point, but I don't think it stayed there very long for some reason.

I always wanted to be named Bob, but somehow I got the name Nobody™

Fantastagirl said...

I like the name Alyssa - but then I remembered in 4th grade there was an Alyssa and she was a snot and off it went.

I always wanted a long name - and so I gave my kids 8 letter names, now Pan wishes that I didn't do that because his teacher makes him write it ALLLLLL out and it takes tooooo long. Poor thing.

Shelli said...

OMG! How did I lose track of you? I saw Blogarita answering your question over at her place and I thought, "could it be? Could it be theeee Bon?" And it was. I am adding you to my blogrolls. I have missed you. How are you doing?

Shelli said...

Since the new blogger, you can't access my profile, so here is my email...shellimil(at)gmail(dot)com.