Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Resting Up

Taking it easy this very fine day. We have just returned from the lands down south where there was real and actual swimming done in an outdoor pool. Last night pulling in to the drive way after a looong ride home made longer by the traffic pile-ups from the accidents on the freeway and bad weather in general... it took three tries to get up the driveway through the piles of snow.



I hadn't been on antibiotics for anything last year.....none, nada, zip. this is a big deal for me. I had mentioned it to a friend and she squawked about how I was gonna really get it NOW, saying it OUT LOUD and all! I thought to myself..."So? I'm due for a round of the cold and flu turns infectious and debilitating... it'll be just more of the same for me."

So, I really got it.

A couple of weeks ago I started with this cough... but it was pretty low key. Then last Tuesday I started feeling tired, and the cough got worse... I would have these spells of uncontrollable coughing that was more like spastic wheezing until I was red and sweating. Finally last Friday I decided to add to the two older girls' yearly check-ups, and get my cough looked at... see if I could get something for it. The doc listened to my lungs and got a little concerned note in his voice, he said something about being two seconds away from full blown pneumonia. I was kind of feeling like a hypochondriac, but apparently it was good I got in when I did.

It turned out well though, I got to get a shot of antibiotic in my butt before the girls got their immunizations... so it was kind of a rounded experience for us all. Also, I got a nice script for my favorite ever Codeine/Phenergan combo, and did you know that Zithromax is now available in generic?

One of Birdie's "Kindergarten Shots" got very red, very hot, and swollen... her whole upper arm was tight and started to blister a little... did I get a picture of it? No. Not one little bit of bloggy documentation. I don't know if I am more disgusted at myself for NOT getting the picture, or for WANTING to get the picture for putting up on this, my little patch o' teh Internets. I was conflicted... therefore, no picture. Also, I was ummm... lazy and nursing my own little bit of coughing misery.

Now LaLa has a raging tidal wave of snot going on.... I think it's a cold, but I won't know till I can get some of the mucus cleared away.

Good times.


Fantastagirl said...

For some reason I totally understand the raging tidal wave of snot, hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Nobody™ said...

"there was real and actual swimming done in an outdoor pool"

you.suck. At least our snow is melting. For now. I'm sure we will have more soon.

Hope everyone there gets better soon.

Blogarita said...

Just when I was thinking of coming to visit you. Now I think I'll pass, seeing as all you got there is snow and snot.

Hope all o' yous is feeling better soon.

Mama D said...

I'm sorry about the snow. We had a teenie bit today but it was actually nice.

Glad you had fun swimming. Sucks about the snot for LaLa and nagging cough for you.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

We've all had it around here. I told my husband a week and a half ago that if mine didn't clear up in a couple days I was going to the doc.

Well mine cleared up. My husband's has not. I'm MAKING him go to the doctor. I told him I'm tired of hearing how sick he feels. Either he goes or I'm shooting him.