Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blahblahblah Bad Health Blah

So, like a lonely old woman who has only her aches and pains to keep her company.... I find that all I can squeeze out in the rare moment that someone agrees to listen to me?... a litany of my aches and pains. I know it is wrong. I know it is boring. Welcome to my party of snot and goo.

Friday afternoon while Pearl was napping, I was curling Birdie's hair and LaLa was up next for a "fancy" doo. We were getting gussied up to enjoy a "Parfait" later on. "Parfait" is French for "Ice Cream Sunday" you know! If you have girls that love things that are fancy... I will offer for your reading enjoyment and vocabulary expansion "Fancy Nancy" by Jane O'Connor . Birdie got it from her Grandma for her birthday, and it is a smash hit in the House of Chaos. Prized ponies and dolls have been renamed things like Fuchsia, Frilly and Chandelier.

When it comes to all things fancy, it's difficult to say who is more swishy (can girls be swishy?) Birdie or LaLa. So you will understand that I was instantly paying attention when LaLa started wailing about there being something in her ear stabbing her... that it hurt too much to get her hair done "fancy." As it is the end of February, I immediately ruled out the earwig scenario and glommed onto the ear-infection scenario: Hardly a stretch considering the nasty cold and cough she picked up on our trip down south. I called the doctor's office and then looked at the clock while it was ringing 3:30. Not good.

The happy part? The doc's PA fit us in and gave LaLa a script for some Omnicef.

The crappy part? Birdie and Pearl, the girls not a sobbing mess refusing to let go of the front of her Mama's shirt, each picked up a rousing case of Pink Eye.

Birdie's conjunctivitis was more pink and less goo, so I've just been letting her ride it out. Pearl, who also seems to be working on a tooth or six, got a case that was less pink and more goo... with a bad cough... and a double ear infection just to round things out nicely. As she was spouting fluid of all description, and of every viscosity from every orifice, I decided to drag her back to see the doc today.

....and when your kids have pink eye? It's not like you can ask the next door neighbor to watch the other two while you run to the pediatrician. I took the whole circus (again) and a bottle of Purell with strict instructions to not touch the toys at the doctor's office. Sure, the damage is done for all of Chaos... but I didn't feel right sharing the love with the next set of kids to come in. My good intentions lasted for the first twenty five minutes of waiting.

I finally just went up and reminded them that they were dealing with multiple cases of pink eye, and could they please get us contained in a room to minimize the damage? Sigh. The new office staff is prettier than the first... but they are dumber. The waiting room is all spiffed up too; new paint, furniture... and the trio of dusty old lit pine trees sporting faux fishing tackle is gone. I just have to wonder though. Did all the changes to the look of the waiting room happen because the new staff is behind it, or is the new staff part of the refurbishment.


Let's hope that they are not gonna be getting rid of their more unattractive patients as well... cause after three babies I'm not exactly looking my best. Maybe I should start looking for a new Primary Care Doc...

Nah. I'll wait and make 'em kick me out.

On the bright side, I got a script for and inhaler until I can kick the last bits of this lung crud. Should be fun PUFF PUFF!


Amber said...

So what you're saying is that you're into huffing now? :D I hope you all get feeling better. Yay for drugs!

Fantastagirl said...

Pink eye goo is the worst. Tink has gotten it a few times (bonus of attending daycare!) and woke up one morning exclaiming that her eyes were gooed shut!

Nobody™ said...

I think you need to disinfect your blog - I've suddenly come down with the lung crud. I'm totally blaming you for this.

bon said...


There, that better?

elizasmom said...

Well, as someone who wrote extensively about the family cholera outbreak, I'm hardly one to say anything about sick-blogging. I'm so sorry all of you are dealing with the repeat-crud business; I hope that this is your last round of it for a while.
Hey, and r.e. your momment on Daily Kvetch, while she couldn't pick me out of a line-up, I have met Catherine Newman because she is friends with some friends of mine, and Eliza and I are occasional toy testers for the magazine she blogs for now. (cue: It's a small world after aaaaall....)

Meredith said...

I cannot imagine what it is like to have to put those eye goop drops in toddler and baby eyes - you have my FULL sympathy. I so hope you all get better soon!

You should go to my doctor's office, the staff are all dumpy and grumpy yet the doctors are all sleek, go figure.

I have no idea who Catherine Newman is - am I living in a vacuum? The answer is likely yes.

Nobody™ said...

thanks, but it's too late now. I already got the crud. Oh well, I'll live.