Tuesday, January 10, 2006


No one in this freakin' house is cooperating with my desire to blog, shop, shower or see a movie in the theater, and sadly I LIVE IN THIS HOUSE TOO! Does not play well with others. Does not cooperate with self. It's late. It was even later last night/this morning when I finished my first read through of Erin's novel. This is not the time or the place for a review and a review this is not- just have done with it and buy the book already! (hmm... I guess it actually IS the place for a reiview but tough doo-doo any hoo) Read it yourself and you can enjoy it and the people in it without having to wait for or wade through MY sorry attempt at literary criticism. I'm already looking forward to my next read with Harvey and Eck.

"Good stuff, Maynard," and "hey, Mikey! He likes it!"


Shannon (sentimental) said...

Just stopping by to check you out. Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated. I love the design.It is nice!

Shelli said...

It was good, huh? I want to read it, too. I will have to go get it or order it or whatever. I wonder if Border's gift certificates work on-line. I know it is at amazon but Borders on-line is through them.