Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This past Sunday we gave the Pearly girl a blessing in church. To save us all some time I won't go into great detail about the what, wherefore's and how's of the blessing... just the one small gripe that I got.

After sacrament meeting is done, often the family and friends of the blessed will go to the family's home and have a chat-n-snack. No big deal right? Just a wee open house setting to say welcome to the babe.


this is at my house right? The mother of three children, three and under.* My HOUSE...the living space of a gal who just spent 9 brutal months gestating. Consider the chaos this wreaks upon her house and body. Dadguy was telling someone how voracious LaLa was. How she used to go scavenging under the kitchen table for a leftover bite of ... whatever to eat. She doesn't do that any more. Partly because she has figured out how to open the fridge and now spends her day decimating whatever she can reach, open, or break into in there, and partly because now that I am no longer pregnant I can manage to sweep under the table more often than every four days. It got ugly and has been followed by two months of sleep deprivation, holiday mess and marathon nursing sessions during which the two mobile kiddos have ACCESS to the whole house. THIS house.

Who thought this up? WHO thought this would be a good idea or a fun time?

K, well it was fun. Likely I had a good time because my housekeeping standards have gone waaaay down. and my dear MIL came over and cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the floor (the one area I didn't see those standards take a nose-dive). and she made the blessing dress. and homemade cinnamon rolls. and apparently was the only one with the presence of mind to take pictures.

The pix you see here? I'm a low down cheater who thinks nothing of stuffing a baby back into a blessing dress for a lousy Internet photo-op. As you may notice she is looking somewhat comatose... what we here in the House of the Mama like to call "booby drugs."

*Technically true as Birdie turns four on Feb. 3rd...LaLa turns two on Valentines Day.


The Daring One said...

The cheeks, the cheeks! My word.

Heather said...

Seriously, the smile on that first picture could do a person IN.


gronce said...

Awesome that those pictures aren't from the event! I L-O-V-E that you did that!

Your MIL sounds like a wonder woman!

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Does your mother in law hire out? I have a bathroom that needs cleaning! (Don't tell her I have all boys...please!)

Shelli said...

Your MIL! Made. That. Dress?! It is beautiful. The baby ain't half bad either. Just kidding, she is more beautiful than the dress, of course! Hopefully people were understanding about the house. I mean really, think about it! (talking to them, not you!)

I think my new job will be something that is not too mentally challenging like working in a bookstore (which I would love) or a coffee shop (again, love). Just not nursing. Or childcare. Not that childcare is mentally challenging, it just makes you mental! Sometimes! :) It definitely has it's rewards, too.

gingerstory said...

That picture is so cute I just have to keep coming back! That smile!

And, from someone who was there for a minute at least, your house looked spotless to me--but there were so many people nobody would have noticed otherwise if there was a concern! But if anyone would understand it better be me-- 3 three and under is just it's own thing. Period.

I also just have to add, the fruit your sister arranged looked beautiful!

Lou said...

My parents came in from out of town to visit for a week when Maggie was blessed. I scrubbed the house - and then moved into my MILs for two days so the kids couldn't mess it up again!

Mama D said...

Aren't MIL's great. Audrey is getting what in our church we call "Dedicated". I'll have to copy you and take pictures of her in her dress. Only it's not a fancy dress like that. Thanks for linking me! I will be back. Often.

Proud Mum said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I'm sure no one would judge you for the condition of your house, and I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think.

Three under four; bless your heart. I have one. He's a handful. I know we'll have more, but right now... it's hard to think of more.

ps: regarding El Pinto, I just found their sauces in our grocery stores out here in LA. Maybe you can get some "local flavour" where you are!

mommorama said...

Chucklerific post and what a lil darling. I mean those CHEEKS!