Sunday, January 01, 2006

Farewell to the Designated Chair as we knew her. She is gone, but like a Phoenix rising from it's own ashes she will return in glory... it is my job to decide what version of microfiber goodness that glory will look and feel like. Right now I am leaning toward the heavy duty, nubby stuff that is chaos-girl impervious. "Java", "Buff" and "Sage" the colors of hushed serenity, ahhhhhhh.

Re-upholstering... firm and cushion-y new insides and texture-y clean outsides. This will be my first BRAND NEWish bit of furniture that did not come in pieces in a box. It is irrelevant to me that it is still not "technically" new. It is a beautiful set of bones, firmly fleshed and smartly dressed, and that makes it new enough. Better even, because it boasts a long and beloved history in my husbands family, and then in our own young family. A huge THANK YOU, to all who have made this possible most especially to my MIL who is footing the bill and doing the footwork... SIL who gave MIL the idea that I would like this for a birthday present, and Grandma "F" who has the connections in the dangerous underworld of upholstering. Yeah booooyyyyyy!

With the new year comes the graduation of my eldest from "Senior Nursery" to the regular Sunday School for kids... in our church it is called "Primary." This is where she will be in various classes and incarnations until age 12. Congrats to you Birdie... you are a SUNBEAM! A fact that I have browbeat her with at least twice today.
"Sweetheart, you have to be REVerent! You are a SUNBEAM now!"

Do I get that mother of the year award now?

LaLa is still in nursery, but props to her for not being such a big baby about it. She says "oop-a-day-shee" when she drops stuff, and "dank-oo" when you help her clean up the resulting mess. Now that Christmas is past we will likely hear her sing her version of Jingle Bells less and that is a loss.
"ding-guh bahhhw, ding-guh bahhhw, ding-guh bahhhw, a-WAYYYYY!"

Pearl slept through the entire three hour church block. She is STILL asleep, a fact that my boobs are expressing their concern about. Get it, "express?" Never mind.


Shelli said...

Missed you and your wit! Yay, Birdie! I hate to say it, but I am glad you are doing something else with the chair.

I got it!:)

Heather said...

"It is a beautiful set of bones, firmly fleshed and smartly dressed..." Tee hee. This is, of course, how I often hear myself described. :)

Erin O'Brien said...

LaLa and I apparently both know the same version of ding-guh bahhw.