Thursday, October 19, 2006

This, That and the Other

THIS: Did you know that I have never ridden on a real and for actual train? I hadn't ever given it much thought either... I've ridden trainesque rides at Disneyland, zoo's, Lagoon and the like but never on a plain old train. Tomorrow I will be singing a different tune as tonite we head out for the Heber Creeper, an historic train that goes from Provo to Heber. Around Christmas they do a "Polar Express" ride for the kiddies, there are murder mystery rides one can take in the summer... but in October the ride becomes the "Heebie Creepie," a haunted train ride.

We like us some spooky!

THAT:I'm toying with the idea of hopping on the Fussy bandwagon for some NaBloPoMo, and marry it to what Momofalltrades is doing... Alphabetical topic posts. Do this, I think I shall. It's not official... but my finger is hovering over the sign-up button.

THE OTHER: The names have all changed. This morning while swinging at the Park, Birdie informed me the her new, new name is Dizzy-top Crash and from there on out she was to be referred to as such. Three hours later it is all forgotten and that's fine by me because she gave us all new names and I didn't like mine. I think it didn't have the same panache as the rest. LaLa was renamed Swingy-top Crash, Pearl dubbed Shibby-top Crash and Dadguy was given the spiffy moniker of Gunshooter Crash. Me, I am just Bonnie-top Crash. I know I shouldn't complain. I mean, hey! At least she knows that I have a real live people name... it coulda been Mama-top Crash. LaLa for one wouldn't stand for it though. She insisted repeatedly at top volume that "I Annabell Baby Cow!" Birdie quite affably agreed to it and slapped a Crash at the end.... we are the "Crash Family" after all!

I think I'm gonna insist that everyone start calling me "Sexyblogger-top Crash." What's your name?


Anonymous said...

I think you should do the every day posting thing. Cool idea.

I've never been on a real train either, though I would like to. And a haunted train ride would be even better! We don't even have any haunted houses around here anymore.

Mama D said...

My name is Jealous-Top Crash! I want to go on a haunted train ride! (lip sticking out!)

Lucky you.

You should definately do that writey thing. Maybe you should email me about it cause I always go to links and then go "me no get" and leave. I'm dumb like that sometimes.

You are totally Sexyblogger-top Crash! Oh yeah!

bon said...

Ummm... Mama D? I been there, you're already signed up. The huh?

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE you have never been on a real train?? I thought the whole famdamily went on the narrow gage train from Durango to Silverton and back. Seems like that was before you flew the nest. Tell me that my rememberer still works. Mom

momofalltrades said...

I like the Dizzy-top Crash. I feel like that little mouse in Cinderella is singing about me, "She hurry, hurry, hurry till she's bery, bery, dizzy, so we make the pretty dress for Cinderellie". Speaking of which........

Crash or Chaos, they should have tulle and sparklies.


The Daring One said...

I've been thinking about the Fussy's thing too. I really hope you do start posting everyday.