Monday, October 02, 2006


Hmmm, well where have I been? There are so many little tales from the Chaos that I have flagged in my memory as "must blog."

I have forgotten almost all of them... all I have in my memory banks are a bunch of teeny waving flags to drive me crazy.

Here is the little I remember. Driving down the road, Birdie is strapped in her booster thinking about Christmas. She has recently seen Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and has a few questions.

"Mama, have you ever been to the North Pole?"
"No," I reply. I wonder where this is going, am a little uncomfortable. My folks never raised me to believe in Santa but Dadguy assures me it's a magical happy thing and totally will not bite us in the butt later on. I am going on faith here.
"Has anyone ever been to the North Pole?" she continues.
"Sure, lots of people have."
Silence from the back seat, I think we're done.
"Does Santa Clause know every bodie's name?" There is an odd pleading note in her voice.
"Yes, he knows every one's name. Why?"
"Does Santa know
my name?"

I am totally NOT GLUTEN SENSITIVE. Yeah, um... all that "poor me" whining crap? Gratuitous and misplaced because I was still pretty much sick, and after about a month meticulous eating (except for the trip to Flagstaff) and I should have seen a difference in my... mmmm... problems.

I started eating like a normal person last Wednesday. I am now feeling better. HA!

Completely pissy about every one's fashion-superior attitude about the clothing of yesteryear. NEWSFLASH people, the crap you are wearing today will be trashed as "loserclothing" by the fashion savvy in ten years. Get over it.

Pissy attitude is likely due to unexpected waking of youngest and oldest at six in the vile AM.

Entire family is really enjoying the Pinball machine.

Let's go hunting for the rare and dangerous Rock Lizard. The natural habitat for these unusual and shy beast's is in northern parts of Mama's Room.

*Edited to add.... It's hard to se in the pictures, but there are two wee lizard footprints drawn in ballpoint pen on each piece of paper.


Mama D said...

Yeah, we're not sure what we are going to do on the Santa issue. Guess we better figure that out soon!

Yay for not gluten sensitive. Good to know.

I never follow fashion trends. That way I am never in or out of style. Plus you can never go wrong with black.

Still jealous of the pinball machine.

Are rock lizards dangerous??

DadGuy said...

I'm glad you got pictures. I never got to see the rock lizard -- it was already dismantled when I got home. I just saw the footprints.

momofalltrades said...

I absolutely love the creativity of your girls. It totally makes me smile! :O)

Nancy said...

Those lizard footprints gave me the biggest smile that I've had all day. Awesome!

And I'm so glad you're not gluten sensitive. :-)

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

So you can eat gluten now? I give you permission to go to the Olive Garden and eat the never ending pasta bowl!

elizasmom said...

I believe you summed it up in your comment on my post earlier: Love, love, love the cuteness of the wee girl-types!

The Santa story is too heartbreakingly sweet for words!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

I am totally dying over the rock-lizard. Oh my, what I have to look forward to when the Bean grows up.