Monday, October 09, 2006

I Think I Need A TiVo

... and I never thought that I would say such a thing.

Have y'all been to the movie store lately? There doesn't seem to be much on the "new release" wall that seems good to watch, and I ain't all that picky. Dadguy? HE'S picky! He likes action, but if it doesn't have a killer plot, he doesn't really have time for it. Here is the kicker though... we don't watch rated "R" movies, and we are careful in our selection of PG-13. Yeah, yeah... I know that there are a number of high quality movies out there that are rated "R"... I know that if the Bible were to be made into a movie, it would almost HAVE to be "R". Whatever. There are a number of reasons why we have made this choice, and though some times it is tempting to deviate from it, we don't. I firmly believe that as a couple and as a family we have been blessed by this decision, but sometimes the title choices that are left... well frankly? they STINK!

Used to be there were a couple of places around that offered "R" movies that had been edited, and that way we got to see a few flicks that were pretty good and mostly coherent even in snipped form. Enter The Director's Guild of America, and I have been denied my dubious enjoyment of the second in the Underworld tale. Bummer. I'm not getting all political and certainly am not prepared to start making comments on slashdot threads... I'm just a little pissed off that these movie makers don't want my money. Seriously, they told me they don't want my money unless I agree to watch every last iota of whatever filth and nonny-words they feel is necessary to tell their story. I wish they wouldn't take themselves so piffling seriously, especially when it means... I don't get to give them my money.

We have these kids, see.... three of them that are very- active. There is no watching of the boob tube when they are up, plus I ain't gonna be watching, well, much of anything that prime time has to offer when the girls can see it too. Maybe 7th Heaven and the like. There are whole sections of TV land that neither the Dadguy nor I have imbibed in... and I hear good things about some of the shows in the past five years or so, but even if we were to go out and get us a TiVo today, we would be hopelessly lost noobies.

The Solution.

This started with my sister Shelly's great love of David that is, I mean X-files! She started getting each season as her birthday's, Christmas and Mother's Day allowed. She would watch them and then she would loan them to us! Heavenly day! Now that the X-files have run out, we have moved on the purchase our own season's of Law and Order, and Firefly. Then last week, on a whim... I rented the first disc of the first season of "24." Yikes! I couldn't catch my breath the hits just kept coming. I conned Dadguy into watching them with me... and by tonite (a little over one week from the start) we will have watched the entire first season of "24." This has been done at the expense of sleep. So be it, it's like dating all over again and I LOVE IT! We have had a ton of fun and there are still three more seasons on DVD to go... hope we can pace ourselves a little better.

Saturday night we got a sitter and headed out to watch as much "24" as we could in one evening at Dadguy's work. In the conference room they have a projector set up, so we just hooked up his work laptop to it, and viola! We stopped by the movie store to pick up the next two disc's but the spot for disc 4 was empty... ARRGH! I asked at the desk what was up, as all the other discs in that season had three to four copies set out. Turns out that some loser had come and rented their only copy of that disc the day before. I came out empty handed and we decided that if we had to we would stop at another video store on our way home from our date and get the disc. We had in hand an entire disc of four episodes to get through and had to go buy Dadguy some new shoes before we could even do that. Then I looked closer at the disc we had. Yeah... I was the loser with disc 4. I was SOoooooo glad there was a new chick at the counter when I went in for disc 5.


Anonymous said...

DVR's are great, but Tivo is a rip off. $12.95 a month just to use it? No thanks. I watch very few movies, most of them are even worse than the drivel on TV.

Anonymous said...

The saga of our DVR. Its an rca scenium, ya don't have to pay the monthly fee, but it only records 16 hours. We are on our THIRD machine, because they are so incredibly glitchy. We call, they mail a box, we mail it back, they send a new one. It immediately permanently recorded 4 shows, and we can't delete them, so we are down to 12 hours. It's very erratic, sometimes it records, sometimes it errors out, unrepentantly. While I love the idea, and am HOOKED on the convienience, I for one am going to pay the monthly fee with joy when this pain-in-the-butt croaks. Record hundreds of hours? I tingle. heart ya, Robbie

Fantastagirl said...


DadGuy said...

Yeah, I've been trying to get my wife to try netflix. It's be quite a bit cheaper than blockbuster. However, she doesn't like the inconvenience of having to wait for the movie.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

How quickly you get Netflix movies depends on where you live in relation to one of their distribution centers. We have one in our metro. If we return a movie to them and they get it on Monday, we will often receive the next movie in our queue on Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

I can't imagine us ever getting a DVR or TiVo. We just don't watch that much stuff, and we still use a VCR to record TV shows (gasp!).

Mama D said...

I have so much to say. David Duchovny, I noticed you mentioned your sister had a great love for him. Do you not share this love with us?

Your story of the DVD box sets. Hilarious. And so familiar. Our first affliction was Buffy. Then Angel. Then Roswell. We are currently hooked on Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Sigh.

The date in the conference room. I love it. Awesome.

I highly reccomend Roswell.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine there is a Netflix center close by, so a day or two should be the max wait time. I was getting them overnight when I was a subscriber and we live in the middle of nowhere.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

LOVE netflix. There is much to be desired in the way of video rentals in Bendover. You do it right and you have a new movie every day!

We get four at a time, split evenly between my husband and I. He gets what he wants, I get what I want.

My good friend owned a Clean Flicks. He found it hard going and had to close it. A kid I went to school with also owned a Clean Flicks in your area. What's funny is that in school he tried to get his hands up my skirt in the band room.

I have an idea on how a person can sorta get an edited movie without actually editing the movie. I wonder who to tell?

Anonymous said...

ok sis, I've been lurking since the inception of your blog. Love it mucho! Had to post though, when you mention me. Still love Duchovny (but I love my hubbie much much more!) and I totally agree with the poster who said that they recommended the Roswell series. I have all the seasons, if you wanna borrow after "24". There is nothing as great as the X Files however! the sis

Anonymous said...


I have a tivo you can have. Since my husband works for Comcast we have a dvr. But before the dvr we had the tivo. I liked it. We would still have it, if not for the Dvr.

let me know!


bon said...

Britt- hey! whoah! I'll give it a try since you offer.

Shell- WOAH! You commented! I knew you lurked 'cause I have a Stat Counter... but now you have COMMENTED! Holy Heck Yah! on the Roswell offer.

Absent, Nobody, Blogarita and Fantasta- I acknowlege that netflix totally makes sense... I just can't get past the whole "queue" issue. I want what I want when I want it. Dadguy will testify to my "get out of my way" mindset when it comes to... darn near anything!

Mama D- shhhhh... Duchovny=Delicious shhhhhh! Dadguy... you didn't hear that from me!

Robbie- convenience... hmmmm, don't remember what that was like.

elizasmom said...

Did you ever read this article?

I thought it was funny before we got Netflix, but afterward it was even better, because it's so true - I swear it happens to every single person who gets Netflix when they're starting out.

That said, I endorse everyone else's Netflix suggestion!