Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hello LaLa!

LaLa knows her colors. Actually she has known them for months, but I am telling you about it now. It is sad really that the second child's milestones are not celebrated and oogled over like the first child's. You promise yourself that it won't happen... but it does.

Not to give you the idea that LaLa is getting short shrift attention wise, frankly her bigger-than-life self would never allow that sort of business. She lives her life with gusto, passion and lots of shrieking. No, she is simply not subject to the bright light scrutiny that Birdie was, and maybe that's for the best. Birdie survived in large part because of her happy obliviousness. Bless that girl.

All of the "first child/second child" typical things that you say you will never do? Well, ya do 'em. Sure, maybe you are waaay cooler than me and are 100% pro-active vive la difference! Maybe. But it's like how you say you will never be anything like your parents... and then you have a kid and hello MOM! You can make a few minor improvements, occasionally an individual can make a complete break from the way the parentals were, but supposing your folks did a reasonable job you will find yourself fighting becoming them. And you will lose that fight on a lot of levels. Face it, this is not a bad thing... sometimes these inevitability's are the grease on the cogs that keep it all going.

Yesterday LaLa was inspecting the teeny Hello Kitty flashlight that we gave to her last Christmas. The flashlight was just the perfect stocking stuffer size, it was pink and white, runs on one AA battery and looked durable. The fact that it is still around for her to inspect in October verifies that it is more than durable, and makes me grateful that the Chaos Girls do not have access to Kryptonite. The Hello Kitty face on the barrel of the flashlight means nothing to the girls, they don't know HK from Adam, so my guess is that she was trying to figure who that was. She must have had herself an epiphany because she brightened and said...

"Mama! It a Twah-bewwy Shoatcake Moushie!" (Strawberry Shortcake... a character she DOES know)

Last week I killed a grasshopper in the garage. Having given it a good solid wallop I turned away to get Pearl strapped in her stroller for a walk. After a minute I realized that LaLa had been stomping that hopper corpse into the concrete ever since I left off. I told her she could stop and stepped into the house to get a binkey but the carnage was still going when I got back. She kept on "Tiw-ing dat dwathh-hoppa" till we rolled away on our walk. She is an implacable enemy. Warrior. She is certain death to any black cricket, spider or grasshopper slow enough to fall under her heel. She is the Terminator of the buggy world. Except for slugs and ants... oh, she kills them too, but it's the death that Bugs Bunny feared at the hands of the abominable snowman.

"I will hug him and love him and name him George!" LaLa loves her some "Tluggie-th."


Mama D said...

Yeah, I know I'm gonna do it too. It is enevitable.

I hear my mom in my voice sometimes. I'm not too freaked out by it. I know I have most of her good qualities. Except for excessive worrying. Not such a good quality. She told me today she was worried/nervous about our television interview. Why? Was she worried that I'd sound like a moron. Or Miss A would have a meltdown? Seems silly to worry about that.

LaLa must keep life very interesting and fun!

elizasmom said...

Aside from painfully cute, the Hello Kitty story is such a great example of kid-logic and the wonderful way they have of relating the unknown to the known. My 16-month-old, who is obsessed with animals, saw her first donkey the other day at a petting zoo. She looked it over and processed the salient points (brown, big eyes, big ears, smaller than a cow) and announced, "Deer!"

Mommygoth said...

dwathh-hoppa. I think that's what I'll name my next cat.

Anonymous said...

...but supposing your folks did a reasonable job you will find yourself fighting becoming them

Sometimes I swear I'm fighting to become them. They were the definition of patience, in spite of having six kids. I struggle to handle having one toddler around the house most days.

bon said...

Seriously Blogarita.... I think it's a matter of having completely surrendered EVERYTHING by the time you have your fourth child. Six kids? You have NO LIFE and NO SANITY, so endless patience? Nahh... just beaten is all. Isn't that right Mom? Crazy as a loon!