Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yo "J"

The following is for my homegirl "J" y'all know who you are.

I have a friend who is less than enchanted with her pregnancy experience... it's her first glow-in-the-dark, technicolor experience with the whole "Motherhood" thing, and for some crazy reason she is not thrilled with the puking and edema. Not ebullient with the roundness of her self, and people around her are giving her crap for her "bad attitude." I remember my first pregnancy. The only things that it had going for it is that I had wanted it real bad and it was novel. The following two pregnancies? Not so novel. The fact that we plan on having one more? Purely inexplicable.

I love my kids, but what freak of nature out there really enjoys pregnancy? Fine. Yeah, I know there are a few, but let's get this straight for the purposes of my rant y'all are freaks.

I just say this because this is the jumping off point. If people are giving her crap for her less than enthusiastic gestating, an activity that I equate with a moderate to severe car accident, they will probably be giving her blank looks when she announces that she is running away when the kid turns two and demonizes. Well, I say BAH! and have a nice day.

Oh, and check out what this esteemed blogger has to say re:Mommydom.


Mama D said...

Yeah, I SO wanted to be pregnant. Then when it happened and I was vomitting my brains out I felt guilty about hating it and wishing I hadn't gotten pregnant. Everyone is all "You must be so happy/excited/thrilled" I was all weak smiles and nods. "Uh huh. I'm thrilled. Really. So happy. Pardon me I have to go throw up. again." I am already terrified of the next time. But it's at least another year + away.

Nikkie said...

I really dislike those people. The whole time I was pregnant I was sick, puking, swelling, bladder infection after bladder infection, hospitalized for high blood pressure. It was truly awful. It was also really hard not to want to scream at the people who told me I should enjoy it!

Carrie said...

Oh, how I hate happy pregnant people who never feel sick or swollen or miserable. Also, hated it when people basically said it was all in my head and to just enjoy my pregnancy. Whatever! On the other hand, those little ones are so worth it.:) I could just do without comments from people and people who are never sick or miserable during pregnancy. Hope things get better for her.

ShelahBooksIt said...

I'm lucky enough to feel relatively good most of the time, but it's the "relatively" and the "most" that are the key words in that statement. But I think that having your body taken over by a parasitic human gives you the right to complain all you want!

Nancy said...

Not to flaunt, but I had wonderful pregnancies, both times. But I know how fortunate I was, and I would never, EVER question the right of a pregnant woman to complain or take frequent naps or get pampered as much as humanly possible. That's one time in life when it should be All About You, and I think pregnant women should be given free rein to do/say almost anything with all the hormones and body changes and upcoming life changes.

So I say if you want to complain, it's your right -- I'll bring you snacks and give hugs and be there to listen, and if you want to feel good I'll smile along with you. :-)

bon said...

Nancy, you are SO allowed to have great pregnancies with an attitude like that!