Saturday, April 15, 2006


I would like to direct every one's attention to the new and KILLER addition to my sidebar.... this week instead of my usual Friday Freakout (not a blogging thing... just a, y'know,
me thing) I have been awarded the much coveted Friday Flip-up Award...wOOt!!!

Fine... so I had a Freakout yesterday anyways, but only because I knew nothing of my elevated blogging status till Saturday evening when I checked my email.

This is now the Award Winning Blog of Chaos In the House of the Mama... insert the dancing of the Funky Chicken here.

Please be aware that I am doing OK... I have had a few folks in RL express a little concern in regards to my equilibrium based on a certain amount of , erm, tension they had sensed via the ol' bloggity-doo-dah here. Yeah... Dadguy was putting in a crapload of overtime. For example on our Anniversary he put in around twenty hours of uphill-both-way-in-the-snow database debasement a la new customer. Pearl was being a stinker, LaLa is two and Birdie likes to wander the neighborhood in her panties. I have had two offers to watch the Chaos Girls next week so I can get some downtime, I think it was the reference to duct tape that has 'em concerned. I'm not going mama-postal, but if you think I ain't taking my sis and my MIL up on these offers you are SMOKING CRACK! As it is, I gotta hit it because it rained last night and the girls have been outside and can you say pigdog?

I know I can, WOOFOINK!
And this would be the plush pony that the Easter Bunny gave Birdie this morning. Almost made it twelve hours... almost.

"I said no pictures! Freakin' paparazzi!


Mama D said...

Yay for babysitting offers! Peter and I went out for supper tonight, alone. So fun! It's way easier to appreciate kids when you've been away from them for a while!

Shelli said...

Congratulations, girlfriend!

Really, does the paparazzi have to make it all the way in the bathroom before you shoo them out??? *wink*

JD said...

oh my gosh Can "my little pony" be any happier in her new wet look?? LOVE IT!! HAPPY EASTER!!

dread pirate rackham said...

Gotta love them frickin' ponies. What is it about little girls and pink ponies? this mama will never know.

There's a cushy spot on the couch here for you...we'll watch a movie. Yes. Something sedate.

The Daring One said...

Love the paparazzi pic!

gronce said...

Rock on with your bad self!

I am sad for that sassy pink plush pony. I like that pony.

Happy Monday!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the flip-up award. Yay!

How did the pony do after her soaking? Hope she and all her internal parts dried out adequately.