Monday, April 24, 2006

Random Happy Crappy

The other day I was changing Pearl's di-pee-doo-bah when I happened to look up and witness LaLa hawk a two-year-old loogie into half a pastel yellow egg. She had her back to me, but by the time she had finished letting 'er drip I was leaning way over to the side watching very closely as she then carefully snapped the other half of the plastic easter egg onto the spit-in portion. This is a new skill... the putting together of easter eggs, not so much the spitting.

I was dumbfounded. I am dumbfounded often lately but this one really I could not wrap my head around. She turned and saw me practically laying on my side looking at her no doubt with a very amazed look on my face.

"Hee-ah Mama!" She says offering me her little surprise package.

"No thank you LaLa," a replied, "let's go throw this away in the garbage, honey. We don't spit in easter eggs, that's yukky- bleah!"

"Oh-tay Mama, I thawwy. Bleah!"

1)Birdie and I went for a walk yesterday. We took these pictures and I am inspired for next year... I said this last year but this time I will NOT be vastly pregnant in the fall (nor any sort of pregnant for that matter) and I really will plant the bulbs that will make this kinda springity-time lovelyness a reality!

2) I am going with my friend to see INXS in June... OH YEAH!

3)Tonite the wood shows up for the job and tomorrow let the framing begin! We are paying our neighbor to frame our basement and he assures us that he will be done by the end of the week. Dadguy is blogging the job.


Fantastagirl said...

I love those flowers....

ewww on the spitting in the egg...somedays I wonder where they come up with stuff like this... I always tell Mr. Incredible that it must be from HIS side of the family.

Nikkie said...

That spitting in the egg is hysterical! I hope that the basement project goes well!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Good job, LaLa, on your new skill. Putting together plastic Easter eggs ain't easy!

INXS?!?!?! No way! Can I come? ;)

Mama D said...

Me tired. Purdy pictures. Yay for framing basement. yicky spitting... me bed now.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Holy'll be the only one in UT CO. with a finished basement! That's really awesome.

You need some boys. I live in a world of spit. I learned to put the easter eggs away on Monday or else I'd find all manner of things inside them later.

Amber said...

First- ew! but ROFL

Second- BEAUTIFUL tulips! My favorite!

Third- I forget.. I was distracted by the picture above!

Dread Pirate Rackham said...

what she said.

oh, and kids are weird with the spit thing. They have no cultural attachment to it, she was just wrapping a package!

Rachelle said...

Gorgeous pics! And the story of your girl spitting in the egg - freaking funny!