Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My inner Polyanna is on hiatus after a brief day in the sun. I fully expect to see her again just as soon as I can kick the misery of this cold that has beaten me into the dirt. Although it must be said... today is more bearable than yesterday was.

The knee... well it was a little less conclusive of a visit than I had hoped. Again... the doctor could not do a full examination because the knee is still too tender. Which I guess begs the question: what do we do if it is still too tender for a comprehensive examination in a MONTH when I am scheduled to come back? Bleah. I am just gonna go with the "it's gonna do fine all by itself" theory, and do the rest and ice thing, call it good.

Huh. Guess Polyanna didn't go as far away as I had thought.

And poor, poor Dadguy just returned from work reeling under a head stuffed with snot. Welcome to hell for the next twenty hours, poor guy.


elizasmom said...

Bleach. I hope Ms Pollyanna comes back soon, and that she brings good news r.e. your knee!

Mama D said...

What is it with pregnancy and colds. I had the most terrible cold at the end of my pregnancy with Miss A and a lingering cough after I'd had her. And dang if coughing doesn't smart after pushing a baby out! I hope you feel better and healthy (knee and all) soon!