Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sheeeesh. Here's another link to today's Junkfood Science, it's much shorter and much less unpleasant than that last one. I just cannot resist sharing this post, as it touches on my hometown AND one of my hot buttons; government telling us what we can and cannot do... because they know better. Dude... POSOLE! I could really USE SOME POSOLE right now!

Still knocked up and pissy, thankyouverymuch.

Dadguy's iPhone is working again after a few days spent in a ziplock bag filled with uncooked white rice. But the antibiotics are only half working, so this is either the UBERCOLD that ATE MANHATTAN, or it is Cold 2.3, and I am taking antibiotics for nothin'. But I don't dare stop, because "what if they just prescribed me a weeney little bit of antibiotics, they just need more time to work?"

Still knocked up and pissy, thankyouverymuch.

This kid is no longer Transverse. I am pretty darn sure of this as I now must go pee every five to ten minutes... if I don't I am sure to wet my pants during one of my uncontrollable hacking sessions, or when I suffer one of my explosive sneezes.

That fact combined with almost complete blockage of my, erm... other waste needs, and a few boots to the ribs? Pretty sure we are good to go. Did you catch that young man? GOOD TO GO! That's pregnantese for GET OUT!

Yup, he's about as obedient as the rest of Chaos.

Still knocked up and pissy, thankyouverymuch.


elizasmom said...

This reminds me of the DOOOOM! DOOOOOM! pronouncements about eating unpasteurized milk products. When I was pregnant I had a HUGE Greek yogurt craving. I was about 50 containers of yogurt and 13 weeks into my pregnancy before I bothered to check and see if the stuff was "safe," and since it came from a fancypants place, uh, NO, it wasn't. Whoops. Eurotrash like me have been eating "unsafe" milk for years without problem, although I think that the fact that these foods come from non-factory farms plays into this. Have you read any Michael Pollan? He has some very interesting perspectives on our food supply and the guv'mint's involvement.

Jo said...

When I think of the freedoms Americans have gladly given up post 9/11, it makes me queasy!
Yay for the son obeying his first very important direction in life!

Fantastagirl said...

Frustrating... very.

Now note to the little guy - good for you for turning - now, it's time to make an appearance.

Listen to your mommy!

Mama D said...

Grump away. Get out boy! Get out!

looney said...

He'll come out soon enough. Hope you feel better.

looney said...

i suggest some castor oil.

Superwoman said...

AHHHH, my sister did castor oil and was in labor within a day and it was hard fast labor. But you may be willing to give it a try at this point.

Becky..AMHW said...

My husband makes fabulous POSOLE.

If he's head down that means dilation is go!

(At any other time I really don't want to know about your cervix.)

Meredith said...

Hey, did you give birth yet??