Thursday, November 13, 2008


Eeek! MAh poor Bloglines is freakin' OUT!

OK... so I have this cold. Still. And from what others around the area have been saying... it's a beast of a cold that takes around three weeks to clear. I would feel even more sorry for myself than I do, but Pearl and Dadguy are suffering right alongside me. Birdie and LaLa seem to have gotten off with the little sister of the beast cold; lingering but not intrusive. I am a little sad that since the cold takes the normals a full three weeks, it's a pretty safe bet that I will still be hacking and snotting away on the delivery table. Bummer.


At least I can bend my knee now. Well, I can bend it MORE anyway.


Last August Dadguy turned thirty two and one of the gifts that he got was a funny little stuffed animal from our niece. It was a Lemur with a very long black and white ringed tail, and he managed to unwrap it and admire it for all of three second before Pearl snatched it and claimed it for her own. The beast is now indispensable in her sleep routine, she has named it Elmer. Whether or not that was an actual NAME name or just her initial mispronunciation of LEMUR I couldn't say... but it is now his name. Elmer the Lemur.


It looks and feels like this baby is gonna just drop out if I jump up and down a bit. He doesn't though, even when I jump up and down a LOT. Bummer. Tomorrow I go in for my now-weekly OB appointment. I'll get checked to see if I am dilated. I will keep y'all in the loop, unless I am at a zero, then I will probably just stay home crying.


World of Warcraft released a new expansion pack last night at midnight. Dadguy, who has been on the wagon for over a year now. In the face of the coming baby and the resulting hardships that will pretty effectively put the kibosh on further iPhone App development, he has allowed himself to be talked into taking up the WoW again. He was up until 5:30 am last night after picking up his copy of the expansion. It was an inauspicious start but for the highly redeeming fact that he turned over the laundry and washed the dishes before he turned in. For those of you in the know... I offer the following bit of humor.
DISCLAIMER!!!! Has quasi-bleeped out language, un-beeped out language and crude humor. But if you are a WoW widow it will SLAY YOU!!! HAHAHAHAhahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorrow. Pearl just dunked Dadguy's iPhone in the terlit. GAAAAAHGHK!



bahecky said...

Elmer the Lemer! That's classic! :)

Superwoman said...

Stupid WOW. I hope Sushi can stay focused enough to finish studying for his test before he HAS to open the expansion. He had a friend at work take him "out of the kindness of his heart" to the mall today to pick up his expansion. Oh, well, he is better than he has been in the past. Good luck with the whole doctor stuff. I had my appointment yesterday and of course, no dialation (not that I expected anything different) but that's good for me, all will be best if I make it to Dec 2.

Sister Molly Jones said...

Dear bon,
If you pray hard enough you will be healed. You simply need to have enough faith.
I'm not sure what this WoW is that you're talking about? The Word of Wisdom? That is a wagon never to get off of.
Sister Molly

elizasmom said...

Elmer the Lemur! Ha! Ilove how little kids name their toys! Soooo sad about the iPhone. I hope it dripdries.

Becky..AMHW said...

With my last baby I was dilated to a four for three weeks. That was awesome.

However, I think his head pressing down against a funnel like that for so long has effected him negatively. He's a weird little monkey.

Mama D said...

I am SO glad that Peter has never been into WoW. It would be bad news around here. He doesn't have time for that obsession along with his computer, guitar and crossfit hobbies. Also he is a baby when he doesn't get enough sleep. There would be much fighting.

Oh no! How is the phone now?

looney said...

Take the phone and battery apart and put it in a plastic tote that seals with one (or a few) of those little "do not eat" packets that comes in shoes, purses, etc. Leave it for a couple of days and it should be fine!

My hubby isn't into WOW, I had an ex who was, thank god no more!!!
Only thing is, I'd probably be into it if I actually had time.
Just found out this morning, we are expecting a boy--again!

Nobody™ said...

I'm pretty sure that iPhone's do not belong in the terlit, even as much as I dislike Apple products.

Meredith said...

My husband is also addicted to video games and I think comes to bed around 1-2am most evenings (cause I am asleep and have no clue but usually when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night he is either asleep or hears me walking upstairs and comes up). Not sure why they do this to themselves - I mean if he wants to be so tired he can barely deal with the new baby coming, I guess it is his perogative. Till I go apeshit on him :-)