Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poor Widdle Bloggy

Sad neglect of a poor widdle bloggy... it's just pathetic I tell you!

No apologies from ME however!... just an update on my pre-new years resolutions.

1. Cut out the Na-na words, even the ones that don't make it out of my mouth, what I refer to as "swearing in my heart."
Better...mostly. Really, I didn't think that I would have as tough a time as I'm having, but the very difficulty of the task only strengthens my resolve. I am in charge here dadgummitall!

2. Shut the bathroom door.
I wavered on this one... it is still highly tempting to keep the door open just for "safety sake." Dadguy reminds me that the reality if the situation is that anything truly horrible happens, it will come to my attention closed door or no. It comes down to a boundary that I need to have.... so, much better here too.

In addition to my Pre-resolves, I have also resolved that this year I will read the scriptures every single day... and that if I miss a day or a week or whatever, I will drag my sorry can back to the resolve and start all over again. Not start the year over... just, you know, I'm gonna do it. I've already flubbed one day but I am UNDETERRED, this is gonna happen.

Update... Pearl is close to walking. Christmas day she started with the standing unassisted and has practiced this stunt every day since. She took one step yesterday and promptly whomped on her face. We are proud, and cheer her on... the older girls are giddy and a little amazed at the progress she is making.


Lynanne said...

My goodness - Pearl is close to walking already?! It shouldn't surprise me that time doesn't stand still for everyone else. Where does the time go, though?

I took your lead on closing the bathroom door. I got tired of having a little helper hand me the toilet paper piece by piece. Now my little helper comes running and closes the door for me when I forget. Too funny!

Nobody said...


Wow, walking already? I remember when baby girl started walking. The boy was thrilled.

Oh, one more thing... CLOSE THE DOOR.

Fantastagirl said...

I'm with Nobody on this one - Close the Door. (I close the door when I'm the only one home!)

Yea! on Pearl walking - it's so cool to watch them take those first few steps - I loved watch Pan and Tink - and the smiles they would get - so proud!

Heather said...

Holy cow, is Pearl really old enough to walk. This means we've been blogging way too long, you and I.

bon said...

Heh... I think I may have horrified Nobody!

Mama D said...

I don't close the door but I also don't have three kids. I may apply this rule in the future.

Yeah, I need to get a handle on my mouth sometimes too. Sometimes I feel like I have terets. I just blurt curses out and I'm all like "WaH? Where did THAT come from?"

Nobody said...

If the door was not meant to be closed, then why the heck is it even there???

sari said...

I've taken to doing sudoku puzzles in the bathroom with the door closed, just for quiet time.

If you look under the door, my feet look right, but shhh! I'm sitting ON the lid, hee hee. youngest is now five, so I don't have so many safety worries anymore.