Wednesday, January 31, 2007


When we had this house built a little over five years ago, we paid $400 extra to upgrade the appliances. So far as I can tell, we got the same crap, builders grade appliances we would have... in a different color. Grrrr!

My friend two doors down has the same crap dishwasher we have.... she calls it her dish sanitizer. That's about all it's good for, because ya have to wash everything before you put it in to be "washed."

Dadguy and I had agreed that the first thing that goes wrong with that sucker and it's OUT of here! Bless my Birdie's heart! She was dancing and twirling in the kitchen and fell on the open door of the dishwasher and bent it back (she was frightened, but unhurt). The unit still more or less worked as well as it ever had, but now required a large pot to be set under the door to prop it open for loading purposes. A dishtowel also had to be employed on the floor directly in front to sop up the three or so tablespoons worth of water that leaked. Dadguy put up with the situation for all of two days, and four stumbles over the pot before he cried uncle.

Truth? He wasn't even interested in whether it worked from the moment he heard that the door needed to be propped up. It was two days and four trips over that "freaking thing" of a cookpot before he flat insisted that we get a new one. I was the tightfisted hold-out. Dumb? Yeah.... don't know what I was thinking.

After an evening spent researching consumer reports online, I narrowed my options down to one; a Maytag that made my heart go pitter-pat yet did not take us to the "cleaners." The local appliance/furniture store had it for cheaper that the big guys like Home Depot and RC Willey, so all the better!

Now we have an appliance that I can truthfully call a dishwasher. It sits cozily beside my kitchen sink and it works like a dream! Works so good in fact that I have to keep reminding my self that it doesn't actually load it's ownself and to get my butt in there to do some dishes!

Why do I blog about this now? Well, it was snowing when I woke up this morning. I was less than thrilled. Sure, I know I live in Utah, a place that is famous for it's snow... I am aware of that. Just around this time of year I get a little antsy for a break. Not gettin' it.

What I am sayin' is that I was a little blue about the grey skies, and the white crap all over the place while driving home from the grocery store this morning. But then I got to thinking about the homemade chicken soup that I was gonna be making, and the warm home and clean dishes that I had to make it in. I got to thinking about the small little tweaks that make so big a difference in my day to day. A new dishwasher. A child using the toilet with out any reminding or harassing. My baby growing two molars and a front tooth in the past two weeks without any ear infection! Birdie turning five in a few days. I also thought about the constants like Dadguy working his butt off to pay for it all, then coming home to get mobbed by four females clamoring for his attention.

Y'all? I have it good, and I am happy. Grateful: even with a fresh layer of snow on the driveway.


Fantastagirl said...

yeah a new dishwasher - I love new appliances...but we all know I'm weird. I'm glad life is "good".

elizasmom said...

Ohhh, nice! We got a dishwasher a couple of months ago too. Ours was not original to the house (they didn't have them in 1930, did they?) but it was close. My hubby found a website of dishwasher afficionadoes who would have paid good money for it. Sadly, to remove it from its slot, the installers actually had to cut it in half. The new dishwasher may not be vintage, but it doesn't have a funny smell and it actually cleans things. Wooo!
Happy dishwashing to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi kid! A new dish washer is g r e a t. Mine is a maytag too and even tho it is muy loud, it gets em clean. So I can imagine how nice a brand new one would be. I am glad for you.
I have to tell you what lovely children you are raising. The pictures are truley wonderful. If you see that we lurk about a lot, it is because we love to look at the pictures.
I guess the tubes in baby's ears did the job if she can grow teeth without ear distress. Love you, MOm