Thursday, November 11, 2010

Underwater Pearl

Oh. Huh... has it been a week since the Pearl-girl's birthday and cake? Wow! I really NEED to find our camera! All of our documentation has been happening via iPhone, not bad if it's Dadguy's 4G, but less awesome if it's my 3GS. So yeah. Here is a shot of the girl from September when we made an "adventure trip" to the center of Utah; that manhole cover looking medallion at her feet.

If you are wondering why she is standing with her hands like that, I think she was being a horse at the time. Those are hooves.

Again. I think of these things as an artistic outlet. I research and plan and ponder upon how I am going to create them.... and then the day comes and I have so much "help" that I want to cry a little (or swear a lot). On the one hand, my kids will know how to make and decorate cakes from scratch. On the other, I am going grey. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my hair done, and that should hide most of the evidence... but I am still a little tense from the experience.

On other news... I bought Henry a little blue potty. His love affair with all things to do with bodily functions continues, though he is 100% clueless about the nuts and bolts of actually making his "wee-wee" into the pot. He sure does love to flush the toilet nowadays though. Dadguy says he's glad that SOMEONE in this house is flushing, but I am feeling like three flushes in a row in each toilet is a bit much.

Also Henry insists on a regular cup at mealtimes, he has effectively used one for nearly a year. But he still has accidents so we give him maybe an inch of beverage at a time. The girls will occasionally ask for a "Henry amount" in their own cup, when they want just a little more.


pretty darn prosaic said...

That cake is AWESOME!! How you do each one so different, and so fabulous!

JenK said...

I love the cake! So cute!

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking potties for your guy. It seems like just yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant. How did that happen?

Meredith said...

I so wish you could ship cakes cross country because you lady are a CAKE MASTER!!!

I am toying with getting my girl a potty as she will be two at the end of the year but it took us years to potty train our son and I am not ready for that sheer hell again. I hear girls are easier though. I hope.

Happy Birthday Pearl!

Mama D said...

I think the cake looks great. I would not enjoy having "help" either. I'm just not good with that. Miss B is also really interested in sitting on the potty but has not managed to do a thing in it either. I decided after Miss A was trained that I wouldn't stress about the next one's training. So far that's working out for me. :)