Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Blog Post

Uhh... so it turns out that Dadguy thought I took the pictures of the Halloween costumes this year. I thought HE took pics, so I didn't bother. Grandma took pictures, so yeah... there is that. But y'all get no Halloween bloggy love.

Birdie was an Undead Pianist, Lilac and Pearl were Snowy Owls that I had made for them for this summer's Harry Potter Party, and Henry dressed up in the same Tiger suit that Lilac and Pearl wore when they were each two years old. We did things a little different this year, we decided that we would not spend any money on costumes this year. All in all, we bought trick 'r treat candy, pumpkins and four dollars worth of paper decorations at the dollar store. This is meager for the Chaos family... and yet, we all had a great time. At least as much fun as any other year. So yay! Budget!

Our tree in the front yard is FINALLY turning! It is usually good and crimson the week before Halloween, but not this year. I keep thinking each day, that it's color it is at it's most lovely, and the next days incarnation proves me wrong. Or indecisive, I guess.

About three weeks ago, a stinking little mouse came squeaking into the family room as Dadguy watched TV. I. HATE. MICE. They make me weep with fury at their existence within my home, and I will beat them to death if it is the fastest way to end it. We figured that it somehow snuck in the door when it was left unattended as it sooooo often was this past fall. Never mind how much I am off about, "not leaving the door open or mice and spiders will move in for the winter. Shut it. Shut the door. Shut the door please. The mice. Please. Shut. The. DOOR!!!! Especially since I had seen no poo or nibbles in our food storage, I assumed we were safe except for Mr. Naughtymouse. SO I got two traps, baited them and waited. And I got two mice. So I emptied and rebaited. Two more mice.

Seven nasty meese later... I am STILL not finding any poo, although the stankers have revealed their love of Ramen Noodles. Here is my completely unsolicited endorsement of this product....

Effective, easy, bloodless, reusable and worth every mouse-a-cide penny.

For Show and Tell to try and make up for the lack of costume photos.... Birdie had her fist piano recital today, almost a year of piano now. I feel like we are gettin' our $$ worth. I yam so proud! Kinda funny though, she sounds quite wooden during the first half of the song, but then it's like someone flipped a switch and she starts playing normal. Hit her stride I guess.


Meredith said...

You are so not alone in your abject loathing for mice! I HATE them! We had an infestation at our old place about 2 weeks before we moved out. It was like a horror movie, open the cabinet to get a glass for water - mouse jumps out! I have been very paranoid in our new place about mice. There was one in the kitchen a couple of months back, but it coincided with the door to the basement being open for a very long time (and the door from the outside to the basement also being open) so my theory was that it came in that way because it honestly seemed all confused about where to go when it was in here but let's just say my "broom of justice" did the trick alongside my screaming some unladylike things as I hit it far too many times.

Superwoman said...

Good job Birdie!!!! Wow, I am impressed. And yes, I also hate mice, with a passion. We saw one when we were doing the floors and I went a little crazy with the D-con. The good news is that now that we have cats we no longer have the mouse or gopher problem. It's a beautiful thing. :)

elizasmom said...

Awww, lookit your pianist — so sweet. I am reasonably sure that I was not handling anything that complex after a year of piano. Good on her!

As for the mice, duuuuude, I hear you. Cats! Ours are well worth their keep, living in an old wooden (ie not exactly airtight) house with woods in the back, we've had quite a few sneak in, and so far, the cats have picked them off with EXTREME PREJUDICE before they've had time to leave so much as a trace.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Birdie! And that after only one year! Must be a combination of great teacher with talented student. Keep it up!


Mama D said...

She's that good after ONE YEAR?! I would say that's pretty extraordinary.

Mice. Ick. I hope they've figured out you don't want them around.