Monday, November 29, 2010


Aw crud... Thanksgiving has come and gone and that deserves a post. But it's not gonna get one.

Honestly though... I haven't been posting because for the past week and a half I have been keeping a secret. A pretty BIG flippin' secret that will affect my life in big ways for the next few years probably.

Nope, not goin' back to school... why would I keep that a secret? You are weird.

Nope, not preggers. As IF! I wouldn't keep that secret! I would be sobbing hysterically and shouting my woe from the rooftops!

Naw, and my secret might not make a whole lot of sense to those of you who are not familiar with Mormons... but I got called to be the Primary President for my ward. I had to keep it secret because first they call me, and then I have to come up with the names of a 1st and 2nd counselor and a secretary for my presidency.... then they have to be approved by the Bishop and then accept or decline the call. This takes time, and everyone involved has to keep it quiet for a slew of reasons, mostly to keep hurt feelings and speculation to a minimum. It just works better this way.

So now... now I am in charge of about two hundred kids, their teachers, Scout leaders, Activity Day leaders and Sharing Time and... and ... and...! I do better if I don't try to wrap my head all the way around it just yet! I just have to ease my way into this and trust that everything will work out. Luckily, I have The Uberwymmin for my counselors and secretary, and the Stake Primary President who is one of my good friends a few houses down, has offered to train me. Technically, she train the whole presidency, but um.... I appear to be the only one without a clue or previous experience.

I am so EXCITED! when I don't think about the details (cuz then I freak out). What will I do? What will I learn? Eep!

Non-sequitor: Today Birdie dumped her back-pack out before going to school and I finally got to read a little one pager that she had written from the point of view of a turkey. The turkey ends up faking a cough and yelling out things like "I have CANCER! I have intestine problems! You don't want to eat me, I am not long for this world!" and the suckers on the farm decide to eat ham and potato chip for Thanksgiving instead.

Tonight Henry was yelping out "HELP! YOU! HELP! YOU!" and when I went to investigate, I found him standing on top of his table, looking for some help to get down. He can totally get down, guess he just didn't want to.


Superwoman said...

um, uh, congratulations? lol. You'll be great. I recently requested they find someone else to be the primary chorister as I have been doing that for 4 years. I have this sinking feeling I'm being thrown out of the frying pan into the fire. Perhaps I should reneg my request? I mean, crud, I like it, I'm good at it and I don't want more responsibility, I want less. heh. But you my dear, will be awesome! Because that is what you do, you do awesome.

pretty darn prosaic said...

You are gonna rock! I have total faith in your abilities, also faith in the Lord being there to help you help his program succeed. This is a winner.

Lindsay said...

Oh wow Bon, still just wow! You will be SO AWESOME!!!!! (I would really like to read that turkey story too!)

bahecky said...

That Birdie is one creative little girl. The turkey story sounds hilarious. :)

And you will be a fantastic Primary Prez. Those are some lucky 200 kids.

Mama D said...

I think you will be fantastic. Don't think about the details - I find a lot of things are better that way.

What a smarty Birdie is. I hear the cry for "Help!" a lot around here too. :)