Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Pic: The Hawk

When I was younger and wilder I loved (in the way that only really poorly acted, scripted and directed movies can be loved. Cult! Classic!) the movie Suburbia. It had a number of super fun things in it, like Flea. There was also the exchange between two young teen girls who were drinking (if I remember correctly) around a bonfire in the back of the abandoned house they were squatting in. It went like this:

"Guess what?"
"Chicken Butt!"
(Gales of wild laughter)

Cinema gold, I tell ya.

Things like this that really played up the fact that here was a bunch of kids who had been essentially abandoned by their loser-angry-controlling-indifferent-abusive parents. I also really loved the fact that they gave the protagonists little brother a great Mohawk.

Fast forward to last summer when there were a few short, but actual factual Mohawks on little boys in my ward at church. It slays me a lot to see squee little two and four year olds sporting the hawk. A lot. At church.

It slays me to have discussions with my daughters about the distinctions between an actual Mohawk and a Faux-hawk (a.k.a. Chicken-hawk). Kids these days! They insist on calling these goofy Rhodesian Ridgeback lines of hair down the front of their heads a Mohawk. My kids will set them straight. Next up for discussion: Stroids, Liberty Spikes and the Chelsea. Homeschoolers have got nothing on the higher learning in the Chaos household.

Lilac actually came up with a new one on me.... a So-hawk. The raised crest of hair done up in the bathtub with shampoo or soap.

Anyhoo, I like the fact that I can get Birdie to give Henry a darling little fauxhawk for church and not feel like I am being too edgy. Plus it gives her something to do while I am dragging a brush through
her unruly masses. Cuts down on the whining. Well. Birdies' whining in any case.

I give you the Sunday Pic a day late...

Are these littleboy ties killing you? They are killing me! Picklefaceplace, y'all. Mostly I am dying over the fact that this gal who makes them has several new lines of ties. I want a little tie with stars on it. Stars upon thars!

So close and yet so far! Next time before I put all that time into the painting, I'll check and make sure I have the drawing portion right. Sheesh. Still posting the pic because I am delighted with the paint technique. I had never tried this style before, and I think that the face really works in terms of color and painterly-ness.

This is one of Pearls. Again, I love the technique, but not so in love with the canvas she chose. I do have to give her props for using a water based marker as opposed to a Sharpie, and if I can salvage this with Spray 'n Wash, she may survive her artistic impulses after all.


Nobody™ said...

the faux-hawk seems to be very much in style these days. I see quite a few of them. Even saw a blue one the other day, that one may have been a real mohawk, but I don't remember for sure.

Superwoman said...

hee hee, Cakes just said, "You're not supposed to draw on the pillows"! I guess something is getting through!

River Stone said...

Ah Bon, I read your blog and I remember so distinctly why we were/are friends. You make me laugh! Because you speak of the very things that I think of. And it appears the 2nd generations of punks have similarities too... namely in terms of rogue artists/pillow scribes, et al... I love that you have one of these (a Pearl) at your house too! Mine draws really special pictures, on and in really special places too. ha! And in cases like this... I use my secret weapon: Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca. It gets everything out.... even Sharpie... even Silly Putty in shag carpet... even_________ - you name it... it gets it out. I dont get mad anymore... I just get my buddy in a bottle (Sol-U-Mel not liquor - ha!) and all is well with the world! Ahhh..... (and it smells like Tea Tree ... cuz it is!)

River Stone said...

Hey, I just realized something... Suburbia starred Alex Arquette - when he was still a MAN! ha! Little did I know way back when, but I would later attend college with him briefly at Otis/Parsons. (he was pretty OUT and fem then) And while at the same college, I would also meet Flea, (weird huh?!) via a friend of mine, who dated the chili peppers drummer for a while. But by then, I'd grown my own hawk out into nasty white girl dreads that were a terrible mess and made me wish I'd just kept my mohawk! No matter how hard you try, white girl hair, just isnt as cool as black girl hair. Damnit. Not to say that we werent cool... cuz, we were... and we "normal hair" or not... we STILL are. hmph!

elizasmom said...

Awww, come ON! You gotta keep that pillow! I bet you no one else has an accent pillow quite like that.

Your boy-o with the so-hawk is adorable, and your painting is loverly.

I cannot believe I have never seen Suburbia, because it sounds fantastic!

JenK said...

Here's what you do with that pillow. You start sketching other things all around it in black sharpie- swirls, hearts, names. Make it look like a high school girls notebook cover. It's called Grunge Chic. I've seen it all over the place.

Also? Love the faux-hawk

Amy F said...

heck! I'd totally sell that pillow. It's way cute!

Mama D said...

Suburbia. Pickled Eggs. Blue weren't they? A truly awful movie. And a classic.

You're painting is perfect just the way it is. I love it.

Oh the hawk, the boy, the cuteness.

Anonymous said...

The little boy with the mohawk is incredibly cute. Those eyes! And how he has grown while I wasn't watching.