Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday Pic: Gearing Up

Getting a little more serious about writing that children's book... trying to remember how to paint.

Trying out a few different styles.

Oh yeah... I remember now. Using good paper really helps!

Still working on raising those kids too. Good paper only counts when they are potty trained though.

Come on SPRIIIIING! Seriously, all this snow is killing me.


elizasmom said...

Good paper or no, I liked all three paintings, especially the first. Actually, i love the first. You've captured some ineffable element of the sweetness of a little girl in her get-up, getting ready to head for school and have adventures.

Also: The Young Man: Is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Very cool Bonnie! I am glad you posted them. I can't imagine doing something like that....!

Mama D said...

Oh my goodness. Loved these! I love the first the best too.

Henry, the tie, the eyes. I'm dying.

Anonymous said...

Love those paintings!

Mama D said...

Also, I would like to purchase the first copy please. :)

JenK said...

Wow. I love these. They are so sweet.