Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Pic: Halloween Preview

I finished Birdie's costume this weekend. I must admit to being excessively proud of that which I have wrought. Bird is pretty thrilled too, although you'd have a bit of a time telling from her expression on most of the shots I took to document the final product.

She already had the pants, shoes, and the brown t-shirt, so I used an old bedsheet to make up the criss-crossed portions. Technically this whole thing would be much more accurate if we had a karate gi (the shirt part of the uniform) to go over the t-shirt but under the criss-crossed parts. If I happen to find a used gi at a second hand shop, then "yay!" but I am not holding my breath, and I am not putting much more $$ toward this outfit than the thirty odd bucks that we already have. In any case, she is in love with it already.

I made the boot toppers and the belt out of some pleather sort of stuff that I got at Wallyworld for about five bucks. The robe fabric was the big score though; I got three yards for a grand total of seven dollars. The fabric is very thick and soft.
A couple of bucks for some hooks that I used for the robe clasp, and on the belt to hold the saber, little bit of velcro for the backs of the boot toppers and "cha-CHING!" there ya go. It is amazing what can be done via the awesome advice and how-to Youtube videos that are available on the Internets.

...and yes, yes I am aware that her light saber is the wrong color for a Jedi. Just ask yourself how big of a geek you must be to point that detail out to a happy little seven year old girl.



elizasmom said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Go, warrior princess-Jedi girl, and go Jedi-mama!

JenK said...

Adorable. You did a great job with the costume. The robe really makes the outfit. I bet she's ecstatic.

My girls are being predictable. I managed to talk them out of being princesses AGAIN. They are going with a ballerina and a cheerleader. Girly stuff but at least both costumes are already contained in the dress up box.

Robbie said...

Awesome!! You will never regret any time and money spent on costumes, unless, you sell them all in a garage sale like I did one year. stupid. stupid. stupid.

Becky..AMHW said...

This is teh awesome.

Mama D said...

That is amazing. Bird looks so super cool as a Jedi Warrior. If anyone mentions that her saber is the wrong color please collect their email address and send it to me so I can can insult them.

Gingerbird said...

My boys will be so jealous! Thanks for the details --I might need them. Ah! Our children have even more to talk about! Birdie and Weston have more and more in common!

Brittany said...

That is so cute....she reminds alot of her daddy! :) ok so I might be able to score you a gi..what size? email me.


Dave said...

Weston says VERY COOL! :) He is thinking about being Anakin. I wish you were closer so we could have your help! You are good!]

Lindsay (with someone elses account I notice. :)