Friday, October 02, 2009


1. I am changing LaLa's blog name at her request. She will further more, and henceforth be known as Lilac.

2. Lilac, Pearl and the next-door-neighbor-girl made some glittery dance-contest award ribbons for the All-Girl-Super-Fun-Dance-Party and there seems to be no end to the stray flecks of glitter. Henry seems to always be sporting at least on bit of glitter on his head at any given time. The girl's refer to it as his "Pet Sparkle." I have know idea why.

3. I no-longer feel like hot buckets of raw sewage. I merely feel like poo. YAY!

4. We had a bumper crop of grapes this year, and since my mama moved into a town just a 45 minute drive away, I thought I'd con her into teaching me how to can grape juice. She came and we put away approximately two dozen quarts of grayish greenish juice. I am veeeery proud and pleased, and very put-out with the dough-heads that I live with who have declared they don't like it.

5. Am up for suggestions and recipes to slide this stuff past the picky palettes of my kids.

6. My chest no longer sounds wheezy and gurgly. The sound that is makes is now describable only when I liken it to the sound of Pop Rocks. Dadguy does not find this sound to be a turn on. Whatever.


anne nahm said...

3. I no-longer feel like hot buckets of raw sewage. I merely feel like poo. YAY! lolew!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure no one at your house will ever ever ever like the grape juice, so you should do yourself the kindness of getting it out of the house. At, say, just for instance, MY house!


Well, try it spiked with 7-up. Everythings better spiked with 7-up.


Mama D said...

Pet Sparkle. :)

Lilac. :)

Mmmm grape juice. Those guys are crazy.

Glad your are feeling less awful.

Gary and Lindsay said...

Way to go with the grape juice!! Maybe, food coloring and popsicle molds would help? I like the sprite idea too! Is it the color they don't like? We grew a few purple potatoes and we were so thrilled --but the kids could never get past the fact that they were purple. Doughheads. :) How awesome that you had that many grapes!!!!!

Nobody™ said...

I have not used the term "dough-head" is a good 20 years. I like it.