Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been nearly forty eight hours on a Z-pack, and I am still in a hell of having to screw up the courage to swallow water.

Strep throat, baby.... and I have no clue how people with a painful, terminal illness do it. I want to die, but the only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that if this round of antibiotic doesn't work (as it appears to not be working) despite the repeated assurances from my doctors office that sometimes it just takes a little while to kick in, then I will go back to my @#$% doctor and demand something with a little kick... and some morphine.

It looks a lot more like mumps than it does strep. My neck and throat and, well, all soft tissues therein have gone hard. And rotted. And twice their original size.

I almost didn't write this post because I am so angry that I am so sick. Y'all, Dadguy took Monday and Tuesday off from work to play single-dad-nursie-maid for this family. I have not changed a diaper nor fixed a meal nor wiped a nose other than my own. I KNOW how lucky and blessed I am to have this man and this opportunity to be sick. Just sick. Sick the way that moms never get to be sick, and I am still flailing about and whining, shaking my spoiled fists.

This is why I cannot make more babies. My poor body is wide open to any bacteria or virus that mosey's down the pike, I have no immune system left. I am old.

Holycrap and I'm hungry. I am gonna go try to choke down some soup. Literally.


elizasmom said...

Bah. I am sorry, and I hope you are better soon. I have had enough strep in my life to know that you must be truly miserable. I'm glad Dadguy is there for you.

Mama D said...

Okay. Strep in crappy. And horribly painful. So you are not a baby. And just because you have someone to look after you does not mean that it hurts and sucks any less. I would go back to the doctor pronto and demand some painkillers. I hope you are tip top soon!

bahecky said...

Love you, Bon. Hope those drugs start working their magic very soon. Strep is hell.

And yay for Dadguy!