Thursday, August 20, 2009


Naw... this jist filler til the REAL photobloggin' starts. Purely infer-mational.

First off... TLC 9:00 PM on Sunday August 30th, for the "Your Kid Ate What?" thingy. Again, while I must be fair in stating that the story of what happened with the Pearl-girl really was pretty convoluted... what you will see has couple of facts glaringly wrong, so wrong in fact, that they (the production company) cannot even change them KNOWING that they are wrong. As in the footage is shot and cobbled together and they can't really tweak anything they have to fit the truth. Apparently they make heavy use of actors doing dramatizations of what happened. I can only surmise that the people who wrote the script, never got within five feet of my blog, any of the endless footage that I sent, OR the hours of taped interview of both Dadguy and myself re-hashing the details ad nauseum.


We never had an ambulance come to our house.

And not that it matters (though obviously it matters to me)... you will never hear the phrase "Thank God" out of my mouth. As in, "everything turned out OK, thank God!" I am not saying there is anything wrong with saying it, only I am super, super careful about how I use the name of Deity. Is a personal choice that I have made, fueled by the many years that I was very care-LESS about what I said or how, and I just want to make that clear. Kinda like in the Book of Mormon how there was that batch of Lamanites who, when they were converted to Christianity and realized that murder was so wrong they buried their weapons of war and vowed never to take them up again... and then they didn't. Not even to defend their own lives, to the point of kneeling before those who would slay them and offering their lives, and then being slaughtered until not even their enemies could stomach it any longer. Like they went super extreme the other way. So yeah, it's kind of like that only not as dedicated, or meaningful or cool or anything.

Anyway, it's just this thing I have... and they have the gal who plays me say it at one point, and I would never say that.

I know, I know... get over it already woman!

Look at my beautiful Bird on her first day of second grade!

She is LOVING the Potter.
(I edited out her RL name that she had originally put into this drawing)

Grandpa sent the girls a book on How To Draw Baby Animals... this is LaLa's baby bunny. These kids! They KILL me!

This is pure Pearl... and if I know her, this bug is named either "Twilight" or "Sara-tee."

*Edited to add: I just asked Pearl what the human bugs name was, she floored me by replying "Eee-ook." There is a new name in town.


Nobody™ said...

Why am I not surprised that "reality TV" is totally wrong once again?. I'm so sick of contrived reality, either the real story was worthy of being televised or it wasn't, but don't change it. "Life unscripted", my ass.

So will we even see you guys in any of the show? I have the DVR set to record it.

bon said...

I think you get to see us at the very end in a little clip... and there WAS actually an ambulance ride, but it was from one hospital to another.

It wasn't so much of a change to make it more dramatic... just an extended version of that children's game "telephone," without anyone double checking the facts... a.k.a. sloppy-ness.

Mama D said...

Yeah, I/my family has unfortunate experience with this regarding the media frenzy surrounding the my of my niece. A book and short documentary type news thingie were spawned both of which totally messed with facts and details... It is an upsetting thing. I would like to see it regardless because they can't have messed up everything (right?) and you and your lovely family will appear somewhat, correct?

Birdie! Gorgeous! LOVE the pink converse... the girl has great taste!

And as ever, the artwork is astounding!

Gary and Lindsay said...

Now that Birdie is reading Potter, our children will have a lot to talk about together! We have some big fans here too!

elizasmom said...

While I do not have the same stance r.e. the G-word, I have to give you a yup-got-it headnod. I am similarly absolute about certain things in my life, and I totally understand having a stance that seems extreme to some but that I know I need to hold to as part of my personal ethics/beliefs.