Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bag

Walking home from the school playground this evening, Birdie and LaLa have ridden their two-wheelers on ahead and are waiting for us on the front lawn. I am pushing Henry and Pearl in the double stroller as Pearl and I chat companionably about the things we see. Pearl does a sharp intake of breath and turns around in the stroller to look me in the eye and says, "Mama! Today is the day that the earth worms DIE!"

"They die?"
"Yes, they die and then they go up to worm heaven!"
"Worm heaven, huh? Is that a beautiful place for worms to go?"
"Yes. But the bad-guy worms... they go in the bag."

Seriously though, check this out

and then look over here.


elizasmom said...

Hee. I am officially amused by Pearl's cosmology.
And your wee man is the spitting image of his sis, isn't he?

Mama D said...

Blue eyes though, right? Is he the only one with blue eyes? Are your eyes blue, is that right? Henry is gorgeous!!!

Heather said...


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

wow. that kid is growing up - and he's so adorable!

yay for back to school time! Remember Dr Phil: you're raising adults, not children :-)

bon said...

Spittin' image of Pearl? More like DROOLING image!

Dadguys and the girls eyes are brown and mine are green... Henry is the only blue eye of the lot of us!

Gary and Lindsay said...

He is getting so big --how can he be losing some babiness already? He looks like a little boy!!