Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rejoice, Mourn or Puke?

Coming up on the end of an era; this time of my life that I have had all of my children, all to myself. I could hold onto this time and home school Birdie for at least her first few years.... but that's sort of where the "rejoice" portion of this whole "era" bit kicks in.


I was fairly sure that I would not get maudlin over kindygarten, and indeed, I may not yet. But I'm feeling sort of odd about my eldest girlee being in the "system." They have her inoculation
records and have inspected her birth certificate. I am a card carrying member of the local PTA. That odd feeling that I am feeling? Could be me mourning, but I will admit nothing.

They are growing up.

I have been busy reading fiction these past few weeks. Chomping down book after book. Slurping, relishing and hoarking down whole. It's a combination of things that fuels my literary consumption, this slight bit of freedom that starts to happen as your kids get a little older. Pearl is starting to be a fully functioning agent of Chaos, and is accepted into the ranks of destructo girls, and their play. And instead of getting a handle on the household everything that I am, as "the Mama" ostensibly in charge of.... I have been playing too.

In my defense: we are trying for our fourth and final kiddo, actually HAVE been trying since the beginning of the year. Well, technically trying. There was the whole "pneumonia" debacle, followed by various less-than-fetus-friendly medications that went on for a few months. Then the part where I hung out at the hospital for a month with the youngest. But all the fun times are over and I have been feeling a pregnancy in the air.

no... not right NOW! Soon.

That's why I read now, because once I get pregnant? It's all over for me. Everything, and I mean everything shuts down for the Mama when she gets knocked up.


I know that it is all at an end for me, just by virtue of the fact that Dadguy and I went on two dates together this week. Two. Dates. Like, without the kids. PLUS, he got to go see The Simpsons Movie with a buddy, and I went to the Eclipse book release party on Monday night. This all happened this past week. It is so very OVER for me.

But then... I think I feel a similar set of feelings about being pregnant to those of sending the Bird to KindyG. Confused.

Do I rejoice, mourn or puke?


shoeaddict said...

And you can't read while you're pregnant because?

bonrhe said...

Too tired, too stupid and my eyeglass prescription changes while pregnant.

Mostly just too tired. I watch TV in my downtime (when the girl go down) or I sleep, none of this fancy schmancy READING hoodah!

DadGuy said...

I can think of at least one thing that gets better after you get pregnant. You need to try harder. =)

Jennifer said...

Rejoice, no wait. Puke! No, wait. Mourne. No wait.

When you figure it out, will you tell me? 'Cause I don't know either.

And DadGuy? Heh.

Jessica G. said...

So jealous that you already have Eclipse! I think I am #52 on the library's waiting list. *sigh*

Good luck on the reproducing. We're kinda in the same boat. Hrmmm...would it be called the Love Boat?

elizasmom said...

So far, I have rejoiced at every step Eliza has taken — I like to see her getting bigger and more capable and becoming her own little person. And yet, when a part-time spot opened up in the excellent daycare where she's been on the waitlist for over a year? We totally blinked; she didn't enroll. Even for a couple of days a week, I couldn't imagine our little one being in someone else's care for that long. Which is a long way of saying that I understand a little bit of where you're coming from. Good luck resolving the contradictions.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Neither rejoicing, mourning or puking is what either of you need to be engaging in if you want to get pregnant. Do I need to show you a diagram or something?

I cried when my oldest went to kindergarten. I was a lot less weepy when the second went, but still kinda depressed...and then I discovered #3 was coming. When he goes to kindergarten I will have a party, lol.

My oldest is in 8th grade this year. He's a teenager. This makes me an old fart.

Mama D said...

Don't bother puking. If you're anything like me you'll be doing plenty of that once you are pregnant.

I am going to go and get that book by the way. Very exciting!

shoeaddict said...

Thanks for telling me! Well, I hope you get pregnant soon and feel good about everything that happens.

Fantastagirl said...

well, rejoice, because you can only go to kindergarten for the first time once.

Mourn? Nah - there is nothing to mourn about - think about how she is going to do well, excel and meet so many new people.

Puke? Nah..don't do that - (unless you are already PG and that's a tell-tell sign - then puke all you want!) because if you aren't - and your puking - that might not be a turn on for dadguy - just sayin'

And re: my surprise - I AM SOOOO Disappointed...cause as we were planning - I said to Mr. I - do you think we could and GAH!!! one day.

sari said...

Rejoicing, all around!

I finished Eclipse last night. And I'm going to see Stephenie Saturday, woo hoo!

She already signed my book before I got it because I preordered it, but the bookstore messed up and it says "To Sari and Stephenie."

Hmmm...weird, but oh well.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

yeah, not feeling too sentimental about kindyG over here either. The thought of being pregnant, however, arouses a certain amount of nausea within me.

looney said...

Babies eat your brains while you are pregnant! You are feeling BROODY! Isn't that a nice word? They use it in England for wanting to be pregnant.