Monday, August 21, 2006

No Dolly for YOU!

I have decided that any boot purchase will have to wait till real and actual cold weather hits... unless of course, I find the perfect pair at the perfect price. Upon looking at everything offered... and there are some very loverly options... I have just now realized that I have been admiring the same pair of DM Wellingtons and HD Engineer Boots in black, for lo these past forever years.

I figured this out when I thought to myself... "well they are just work-boots! I could probably find a knockoff version at Wallmart or something for half the price." Then I was hit with a deluge of flashbacks of me scouring every shoe purveyor I could think of... looking for said knockoff. No dice.

The price? Ain't gonna go down... although I did find a place online that sold the Wellingtons for $10.00 cheaper. Woo. I can wait a while longer.

Mama D asked in the comments of last post, what was the key to taking decent pictures of yourself. Ahhh! I have a few tips!

1) Find a mirror.
2) Clean the mirror off with glass cleaner, especially if the Chaos have had access to it.
3) Turn off the flash or it will look... odd.
4) If you would like your face visible, use the screen rather than the view finder to line up picture.
5) Look at the camera in mirror rather than the actual camera, unless you WANT to have a picture with you looking off sideways.



Fantastagirl said...

Mr. Incredible claims i have too many shoes/boots/ etc. So I haven't bought new boots in a long, long time - This winter though - I'm getting me a good pair...just haven't found them yet! Good luck - hope you can find something you like at a reasonable price!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...


Life is simply too short for cheap shoes. Geez - if you're like me (and I have a feeling...)you buy a pair you've been thinking about for a century, and you wear them for EVER. Tell me. Do the knock-offs ever hold up that long? No, but the smell does.

Here is Dread Pirate Logic: save the pennies, shell out for the good stuff - if you can wait, get them on sale in December post X-mas. Just buy two pair of good ones, instead of 40 pair of cheap-os, you'll spend the same money and you'll look better for it!

Or heck, just buy those mega super cool ones from Overstock - Sweet Deal, you can't beat that!

Mama D said...

I second the shell out for the good boots motion. It will be SO worth it. (Not that I haven't ever bought cheap shoes. A lot)

I have tried your photo taking tips. It must be my camera setting. It always ends up fuzzy/out of focusy.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I buy cheap shoes...but then when do I wear shoes? I go to the post office barefoot!

I'm still wearing the oh so rockin' pair of black chuck taylors I got in highschool a zillion years ago.

OK OK last Christmas I bought a pair of knee high dress boots at Sears. After Xmas sale had them 65% off. Awesomeness. I've worn them once and that was on a date with my husband and the bored housewife and her husband. I was shekshay. I recently bought a short black skirt to wear with my black boots. I hope I don't look like a hooker.