Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What the...?


There has been something amiss with my blogging libido, my addiction, my need to put the details of my own personal Chaos out onto the internets. My linky dinky doo's are antiquated and half of them don't even work anymore. I barely keep up on reading and commenting aside from a couple of girlie-crushes that I cannot let go of. Sigh.

It does not help that often when I do get out and about to some faves I am seeing that there is a whole lot of this lackadaisical blogkeeping about. Some of it is vacations, and increased outdoor activity that happens in the summer... for me, it has partly been due to the addition of yardwork to my personal mix. That and the Pearl has needs and interests of her own now... she is no longer the amazing lumpbaby that I shuffle about during the course of my day. She wants me to talk to her and play with her and feed her food she could potentially choke on. Huh. But mostly I just haven't had the drive.

I thought that maybe it was that I had things of a more negative quality that I needed to vent so I started an alternate ranty-crabby blog a month or so back. Wasn't at all satisfying. Reminded me that the kind of writing that saved my life and had the power to change reality was when I wrote about possibilities and hope. Plus it wasn't funny. It was booooring for ME to read all my gripes. delete.

If for no other reason I had this blog to write down a few reminders of the Chaos Girl's childhoods and development. Also to keep in touch with a few of my far flung family... say that
five times real fast! Both of these things are good, and may be the survival of this blog in the end.

I am now 37 years old. Happy Birthday to me! I got a night out with my good friend Karen. We went to SLC and had some awesome Brazilian food... the churrasco (shoe-hoss-co) is the way to go, an all-you-can-eat carnivore festival. Then we had tickets to the INXS show... woo-HOO! Only too bad Mr. J-diddly-D Fortune had whonked up his knee the night before, and came out in a brace from hip to ankle. Also too bad he had dropped a hit or two of acid (according to reports) believing the junkie-lore that a lowlander who goes to a higher elevation will not be incapacitated by too trippy a trip. I wonder if he tried smoking banana peels as a younger man. It may be that he did do acid. It may be that he simply imbibed in some good old fashioned prescription pain pills in order to do the show. One way or the other I am afraid that I at least got a bit more of a show than I cared for as he got it on with the microphone stand for some extensive tongue action and humpage. Next time? Get a room, my friend. The music at least was grade-A fun and frolic.

The opening act was a surprising hit as Scott Stapp the former lead singer of Creed nailed the vocals on a few of my Creed favorites plus a couple of songs from off his new album, The Great Divide. Good stuff, and after the third or fourth song I was able to get past the repressed mental images called up by the news reports of his latest and greatest publicity gaff cum indiscretion with Kid Rock and a couple of... enthusiastic groupies. Ick. His ahem... performance was only half ruined by the resulting becreepification. No, I did NOT link to any of said news reports. If you want a full on gross out feel free to party-on and google. I take no responsibility.

The Dadguy got me this. I was so excited I'm afraid I may have peed the floor in Home Depot and blamed one of the girls. Kudos to the man, he knows his wife and he knows what makes her tick.

Yesterday my fabulous MIL brought me a full yard of pitch black mulch and we had an all-day yardparty unloading, spreading, weeding and shifting stuff about in the front yard. You know the uneasy wonder you feel when you realize that you are actually more than a little excited about your new refrigerator/vacuum/dishwasher etc...? That's how I feel about yardwork and gardening. It's a pretty big deal and it still kinda freaks me out that I get off on it. It helps that I have a mom, MIL, sister and two SIL's who share my love (and cuttings and seeds and advice) for gardening. It is also funny to me that I am considered a bit of a green thumb in this neighborhood because Oh My Crap! The poor house plants that have died under my lackluster ministrations!

The End


Fantastagirl said...

Microwaves are awesome...love mine. (Hey I got a stove and frig as x-mas presents - not in the same year - and love them!) Happy Birthday!!

I would hire you in a second to come to my house and help me with plants/flowers whatever. I can kill spider plants - yes even a catus has died under my care. If it wasn't for Mr. Incredible our lawn would be brown, and our shrubs would be dead also (actually a few of them are) I love, love flowers, but can not keep them alive.)

The Daring One said...

I agree that a huge portion of the blog world is off on summer vacation, if only symbolically. I actually think it's great. I'm on real vacation and here I blog. When my move starts next week, it may be a while before I'm around again. It's nice that we can pop in and out at will, not like a job or something.

bon said...

Fantastagirl- really? all ya need is a drip system to water them... hmm, I could use one too. Stuff dies on me all the time, what you see in the pictures is what has survived my brand of lovin'. Plus? I very carefully choose my shots and angles to not show the odd patches and brown crispity stuff. Oh, and my one secret, cool thing that I know... shhhh! Miracle Grow.

DYM- Yeah... that's it! I am having a Symbolical Vacation! I like that, it works!

Mama D said...

You microwave looks great. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had fun, minus the stoned JD! Your garden looks fantabulous! You inspire me!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Bon!

I do agree there's been a lackadaisical element in the blogsphere lately -- vacations due to business and/or angst. I've contemplated taking a break or giving it up, but I so want to have a record of my girls' childhood so they can remember things (and so I can.)

INXS, huh? I used to have a major crush on Michael Hutchence, so I haven't really paid attention to the band much since he died. I imagine they are still pretty entertaining, other than the little acid drop stuff. And Scott Stapp -- I'm with you on the "eww" factor.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Everyone has the blahgs...but it's been fantastic weather. I don't blame anyone.

Happy Birthday!