Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nude Doggerel

It has been almost a week since my last post... I wanted to thank everyone for their kind advice on my Pearl's plumbing. Quick update? Let's just say that things are better, I am quite sure that's about all the more details you want. Two words....

prune juice.

Where the flying hoodie-doo have I been? I have been attempting the impossible, my friend. I have been valiantly engaged in stemming the tides of Chaos! A.K.A. housework. The wee Bob is now seven months (almost) and I was sick to death of squalor and disorganisation.

I labored, bustled,
hustled and flowed,
made lists and beds,
I washed the clothes.
I fed the kiddos
and wiped a nose,
a bummie, a table...
I scrubbed up some toes.
For all of my efforts
I get in return
a house slightly cleaner
and a candle that's burned
on two ends
right down to the nub.

...and then Pearl got another ear infection in her other ear. Sleep deprivation plus uber-housekeeping equals... well I guess we'll never know in this household, will we? Because the Mama and the lack of sleep? Not a friendly combo.

So in lieu of actual blogging literature you get some doggerel and a gratuitous picture of a chubby baby.

Some gratuitous nudity (brought to you by Birdie).


Mama D said...

Sorry you are all nubby now. After the cleaning and everything. Love that pearl, key-yoot!! That Birdie and her boobie pictures!

Nobody said...

very nice boobie pic...

Sounds like you need to take a break, as if that is even a possibilty with a seven month old in the house, and a sick one at that. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Robbie said...

Holy Boobies Batman!! heart you, hang in there!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Your poem was great but Birdie's drawing kicks boobie.

Fantastagirl said...

You need a break - DadGuy - send Bon to a spa for a day. Hope the babe is feeling better - it's not any fun when they are sick.

bon said...

Spa schmaw! He's sending me to see INXS with my friend!!

hmmm... I sell myself short, thinks I. I really could use a pedicure and a back rub too. Hey yeah! Listen up Dadguy....

Nikkie said...

I'm glad the prune juice did the job!

I hope things calm down for you soon, and that your smallest one feels better!

JD said...

I think we took breaks the same week!! Prune juice=roto router!!

Best darn stuff there is.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

When my oldest was three or four all his drawings of people included a penis. They might be dressed even and they'd have a penis dangling about. Drawings of me included my penis.

He was also found of pointing out, loudly in public, which people did and did not have penises.