Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Kelly, of Missing J.T. Snow has a great idea that I have been enjoying on Fantastagirl's Blog for a while now... on Thursday or Friday Kelly gives out six questions that you pose to your kids and then post the results on Sunday. Party on... If you are wondering? Birdie is four and a half...LaLa is two and a half... Pearl is taking the fifth(no words yet).

1. What is a Father?
Birdie- A Dad.
LaLa- (mumbled) My little poe-neeth*... (yelled) Wun-away Wain-bow!

2. Why do we have Fathers?
Birdie- Because Jesus sent us Fathers.
LaLa- My Mama!

3. What do Father's do?
Birdie- They play with you. They work at their work.
LaLa- Ummmm...tsk, making dinner.

4. How do you celebrate Father's Day?
Birdie- Until the last day comes you give 'em his card and it happens to be Father's Day! And then we make him his surprise and there are witches in it!
LaLa- Ummmm... little poe-neeth.

5. What have you learned from your Father?
Birdie- Swinging and basing, and sledding.(What's basing?) You get on a skateboard and slliiiide and GO and JUMP! (demonstrates out to the hallway and back).
LaLa- Playing poe-neeth with Daddy.

6. Do you have any other names for your Father - if so, what are they?
Birdie- Jemma, Melon... ummm, 1,2,3 apple tree's here?
LaLa- Ummm... PONY!



Mama D said...

This would be so fun. I wish A could talk. She shakes her head! So I guess the answer to each question would be no. Not as cute as Birdie's and LaLA's answers.

Happy Father's Day PONY! I mean, Dadguy!

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Father's Day to Dadguy!

Your girls did great - I'm glad you are playing - hope you play next week too!

Nobody said...

I may be totally wrong here, but it seems that maybe, just maybe, LaLa likes pony's. LOL

Stephanie said...

SO cute. I LOVE LaLa's pony obsession. This is such a good idea. We forget all too quickly how fast they grow up.

Nikkie said...

LaLa's Pony answeres seriously crack me up!

Happy Father's day (late) Pony!

Kelly said...

Welcome to Sunday Six! You'll be surprised each week - I guarantee it!

OK - ponies make sense.. I won't tell you where my mind went with that! LOL Great post!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Oh my gosh! That's so cute! I swear, you should send that in to Reader's Digest or something for Kid's Say the Cutest Things. Really, your kids are funny!

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Dadguy's been free-basing with his kids...wahhhh???

Tell him happy Father's Day Pony.