Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Smiles

My wee Pearl is a watcher. It's more than a little scary because she will watch TV... actually watch it. Although you may be increudulous at that statement when you hear that she really likes professional basketball. I'm serious, Dadguy found that out and he is the KING of whatever works when it comes to screaming babies. Maybe she likes all basketball on TV, I dunno, we aren't going to try that kind of experiment. It comes down to her enjoyment of a good show, and yesterday I realised that is why she is such a content baby. Around here there is always a good show going on and the costumes are lovely. It's like that Madness song "Our House"...

"Our house, it has a crowd
There's always something happening
And it's usually quite loud"

Here is a short lil' show that you shouldn't miss... picked it up at Animal Crackers and Cocoa.
She found it at Danielle Bean's.


Nancy said...

Maybe it's because they've been exposed to it all their lives, but our girls really love hockey. They'll watch it if we have it on the TV, and when we're at an actual live game they are captivated.

Nobody said...

Last summer our girl wanted to watch baseball all the time. No idea why. We almost never watch sports so I found it odd that our two and a half year old girl would want to watch baseball.