Tuesday, October 25, 2005

now that i'm here

I feel like an utter dope.
I have been indulging in some really amazing bloggage for the past month or so, jamming on what people have to say and feeling this angst-like urge to "go and do likewise." The question is, do I have anything to say? If you read this, just cut me some slack 'cause I am sooo an amatuer.

Once upon a time I had a thick skin and a lousy mouth. Back in the day I had a few piercings, a funky hairdo and plenty of attitude. I still have the tattoos. I've got some scar tissue in my mouth and a few bone spurs from hairline fractures to remind me why it is important to marry wisely. There is an unknowable amount of damage to my ears , nose and throat due to sniffing crystal and her bastard half-sister crank. Prbably minimal damage due to the alcoholism... the main problem was really the meth. I am told that after 7-8 years the lungs of a smoker become clean as if the smoking had never happened. If this is true then WOOOHOO!

That was once upon a time and poor Mr. Dadguy still laughs and shakes his head in wonderment whenever I have occasion to mention just about any of this. Frankly I like the fact that he looks at me and cannot see it. K, well except the tattoos and those become strangely invisible after a while. I'm sure that sometimes I will refer back to past items along these lines.... I'm just sayin' I don't wanna shock ya.

This coming April 6 I will have been married to Mr. Dadguy for six years and I love him way more today than I ever have. It still blows me away that this amazing man wanted to marry me... that he did marry me and that we now get to live our ever after that really is HAPPILY!
We have a three and a half year old girlie that I will call "Birdie," a year and a half year old named "LaLa" and what the ultrasound guy assures me is a third girlie on the way. Due in three weeks as a matter of fact. Shoot me in the head if she actually drags it out that long.

here is another question... do I tell my family about this blog?

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The Daring One said...

I would go ahead and let them know about the blog. If they find it later, they're gonna think you were trying to hide it from them (which you were) and it will be awkward and then they will read all sorts of things into your entries that weren't really there because they think you're hiding something. Also, they probably want the updates (minus the nookie). No parent truly wants a nookie update. Thanks for all your great comments. I've been wondering when you'd go "public."