Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dental Games

That Mr. Dadguy is the only reader so far.... and he was truly appalled at the height of the pedestal that I had stuck him on. Whassah maddah deah, you scared of heights? That's ok, 'cause I'm yanking him back down today for him going off to game at the horrifying hour of 7:30pm, aka the middle of bedtime procedures. Yup that's right, he's leaving me all alone tonite to wrassel the girls into bed. Sheeeze, thanks.

That's right y'all, I married a gamer. Most people don't understand adult "gamers" they think gamers should just grow up and give up. I know his parents sure do, and sometimes I feel a little short with the quantity of time that goes into pursuit of the game, like when it cuts into gettin' my fair share of nookie. Of course at this point in my pregnancy, with my poor, sad old relaxin strained hip joints, frozen tail bone, generally sore groin area combined with a solid dose of arthritis in my lower back/pelvic region, to say nuthin' of sheer gargantuan SIZE it ain't so much nookie as it is
ouch, no roll over that way, owowowowowow! ok that's better

Back to the gaming. When I met him he was in an online Clan that played Team Fortress Classic, a blood and guts capture the flag game. Frankly, I am quite proud of the calibre of player that mah man is... He has spanked pretty much all the husbands in the neighborhood, plus a lot of guys online in a wide array of games. Now I'm not just talking smack on his behalf because I must qualify the previous by saying that he is not what he once was, so please don't try and challenge him to some kinda gamers duel. The man has 2 highly active daddy's girls and a demanding wife with a high -maintenance pregnancy. Oh, and a time intensive church calling. Still, it gets me a touch hot when the guys in the hood talk about how cool Mr Dadguy is and how he will sneak up and pistol whip their character down in Halo while they are carting around a beastly arsenal. Pistol whipping= hard to do, big arsenal=still not enough to take him down. Face it, however, proud or not when it comes to ducking out on nigh-night time... well that doesn't earn a whole lotta points.

Some of you are now thinking to yerself, when is the yanking going to commence? Well, I'm done, that's as far as I go because of a little trip I took to the dentist today. A trip that the aforementioned Mr. Dadguy is gonna hafta pay for. Technically the insurance paid for the visit, but if you think that one measly little cleaning and check-up is the end of my tale of woe, well sit back and relax 'cause this will only hurt a little. Dentists.... gahhk!

Once upon a time I had AWESOME teeth if I do say so my very own self. I used to have indestructo teeth that could withstand the assault of tobacco, coffee and grinding amounts of drugs that make you grind yer teeth. My pearlies and I survived nicely until the real assault began. Babies. They sucked the marrow from my bones and the Hoo-raw from my teeth. My Sister-in-Law is a Nutritionist student at BYU, complete with bio, and chem classes. She could explain to you all the reasons why and how having babies can kill your teeth, just suffice it to say that now my teeth SUCK. I have sad and weak-kneed little corn kernels hiding out in my mouth, trembling for fear that I might try to chew ice or some other dentally irresponsible thing. But that will only account for the old pre-teen filling that got partially chipped and now has to be replaced, along with a good sized cavity in the next door neighbor tooth. No, no the thing that galls and rankles... the thing that HURTS, and the thing that coincidentally is gonna end up costing right out the wazoo is the bleeping crown that I has lived in my mouth for all of a year and a half. The one that hurt worse than the hook-nasty-root-canal that it serves to protect. Yeah the crown that six months after I had put in my mouth I asked the dentist to look at 'cause it still hurt. Yeah, the one where he told me oh... you need to step up your hygiene... you have gingivitis and need to floss better and use Listerine.

If you can't tell, I am now seeing a different dentist. Y'know, the new school non-butcher-type. The new dentist was very careful in his criticism of the oldguys work, but you could tell how distressed he was looking at the jacked-up second set of x-rays that he took because the first set was just too funky to be believed.

Ummmm, yeah, sorry but that crown really has to go. It's wayyyyy too big for the root of the tooth, and you have a large amount of decay going on under the crown. Maybe you could go back to the guy who put this in and I'm SURE he'd fix it for free.

Well CRAP!
There is a reason I am no longer seeing Dentistguy #1.... 'cause he is a brutal BUTCHER. Sure as shootin' the insurance won't pay for a re-do, so my darling Mr. Dguy... I love you, please pay up. Again.


Dadguy said...


That was a pretty high fall from that pedestal. I think you're taking advantage of the fact that that only I'm reading this. =)

Be nice now... HOW long has it been since I did ANYTHING with the guys other than late night world of warcraft? :P

I am sorry about your tooth. At least we have a decent cafeteria plan for this year, not that it will probably cover everything. But better than nothing.


open365dayz said...

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