Saturday, April 08, 2017


Gonna post. I swear Imma gonna post!

One of the blogs I have been following for, like, forever, has got the Patriarchy Blues and put out a call for blogs. Plain old, everyday type bloggery.

I want to oblige with a post. 

But I keep struggling with those same PBs. The regular everyday kind, plus the special brand of Patriarchy that comes with my religion. Sigh.

Technically I know I should go and have a chat with my Bishop, but that's a double whammy. Pretty sure there is nothing he can tell me that I haven't already found, or don't already know. Plus if he ends up saying something like, "well, women have the babies and men hold the Priesthood." That's just whammy numero uno. Whammy numero dos is when I become one of "those women."

I read this article the other day... and it starts to sound pretty good, till I realized that it's just a fancy version of the Babies/Priesthood explanation. With trees!

... and I want to be able to just put my concerns to bed, but those suckers are like four year olds on crack. The night before leaving for Disneyland. 

Perhaps I should blog about all the muck spinning around my head. Maybe it would help me work through it. But a few weeks ago I decided to just doubt my doubts for a while. So. Naptime, I guess? Y'all are spared a theological trip through the under brain of themama.

You're Welcome!

... and get this, I apparently can't type in my own blog addy correctly, so I just went on a random and nutsy side trip down Google-Yourself lane. Seriously? Someone posed as me to make a random comment on a random Tumblr.

Since I know ya don't want to go looking through the comment section... they posed as me to say:

"Hey, jsut wanted tosay my personal experience with Minecraft is that kids love it My daughter even had a minecraft birthday party:
Thanks for keeping kids engaged and going the extra mile to make learning fun!"

What the heck?!? Bwahahahaaahaaaaa!

Experiencing relief on a visceral level that Pearls ball python actually ate for the first time in three months. He had gone from eating live kills once a week to zilch over the winter, and since we just got this guy last October, it was NERVEWRACKING. I he sick? Is this normal for him?  Finally he deigned to eat a warmed up pre-killed rat in the dark of the night. Just like a little, special snowflake, diva serpent. 

"I just need my space! Don't watch me eat! makes me uncomfortable! Does this rat make me look fat?"

Having pets sucks. 

Reading the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. Just started the second book. So far, I highly recommend it. Pretty curious as to where it's headed. Is like a strange mashup of X-men and Marvel.... only there are no heroes. Anyone who gets the powers are turned evil. Yikes!

Thinking I might just start photoblogging to document the horrific amount of work I have put into, and continue to put into homeschooling and the stupid yard. 

There. Everyday and ordinary. Scattered, but ordinary life.

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anne nahm said...

Thank you for posting!!

1) Glad the snake lives

2) That comment thing is so cool and insidious. With all the talk of Russian hacking and manipulation, it's interesting to catch a glimpse of how people/bots are astroturfing and trying to manipulate public perception! It's hard to imagine Minecraft needs more media boost, but I can't figure out who else would benefit from that comment.

I have wondered over the years about how easy it is to imp people on the internet. Anyone could post using my name and putting my website in as a link, and it might be hard to convince people it wasn't me. Guessing someone will figure out how to exploit that to such a degree they will have to change logins for comments eventually.

3) Of all the Bible stuff that makes me mad, the fact that Jesus had 12 male apostles and no women gets stuck in my craw the worst.

He was a badass non conformer who hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes, but no women advisors?! Or at least the version of Christianity to which most Americans adhere is totally fine that women were not on the board. Don't tell me it was the style of the times, because like I said, everyone makes a big deal about how Jesus saw past the social conformity of the day. On a basic level, I wonder how I can love myself if I go in for a belief system says I'm second class.

4) A couple of people pointed out they are more active on fb. If you are, and you don't mind me lurking, I'm going to set up an Anne account. I understand this is pretty personal request, and will not have my nose out of joint if you don't want to.