Thursday, October 07, 2010

Snippet Blogging

I am just not doing the job.


... and it's a crying shame, cuz the fun is going undocumented. For example: today Pearl and Lilac found the stash of paper lunch sacks and started making paperbag puppets. A cat, a dog, a girl, etc... Pearl brings me her masterpiece and tells me that it is a puppet of me... only evil-er.

The girls now demand to be called by the names "Beezus, Ramona and Roberta." Guess what movie I took them to see two weeks ago? Guess what books I am reading to them every night? Now guess who wants to be called what?

(If I were evil-er, and a puppet)


Mama D said...

Hmm... so THAT's what you would look like evil-er. I always wondered. :p I am not doing the job either. Best intentions... but no.

JenK said...

Evil-er? As in: you are already evil and the puppet is worse off than you?

Hee! Kids.

elizasmom said...

Beezus and Ramona! I'd forgotten all about them. Will have to make a visit to the bookstore soonest to rectify that ominous.

I found my old Laura Ingalls books at my mom's and Eliza and I have started making our way through Little House in the Big Woods. Had forgotten how wonderful these stories are...

Amers said...

hahahahahah! Your kids rock!

Anonymous said...

Even your minimalist blogging is quite appreciated. Now at least we know that you are eviler than evil. Who would have thought?

Mama ;-)