Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday pic: Hello

Meet the escape artist. Stinker, I tell ya. This is her bicycle which she refers to as her "pony." She calls her horse "Make Up." You heard me, "Make Up," as in the mascara that she is constantly pinching from me, and smearing all over her face. Make Up.

Here is the stinker in front of our house. Yard like that you might think the folks who live here have it under control, that they have a clue what's going on. They don't and they don't.

Shots of the girls at their respective "end-of-the-year-got-yer-moneys-worth" school programs. I have an almost identical shot of Birdie doing the same thing, standing in almost the same place, singing the same song from four years ago and with Mei's hair pulled up, it almost looks like they are sporting a similar haircut! Sorta not, except the point remains. Time! Flies!

Lilac had a line about springtime for her part in the Kindygardin show... hence the rain gear. That kid is more than ready for the BigTime that is first grade. Having noticed that Lilac likes spicy foods, Dadguy suggested that she and I go on restaurant dates to eat stuff like Mexican food. Lilac instantly perked up and asked, "Thoo-shi? Could we go and eat THOO-shi?!"

And of course my Birdie... who is sitting right next to a Particular Young Man who I will refer to as PYM. Apparently he is the smartest boy in her class, and holy crap if she doesn't have a huge crush on him. I don't want to make too much of the whole kerfuffle, she has had a series of different crushes this year... but we saw PYM and his family at the local ShamsClub on Friday, and when he saw her and waved, stood up, waved again and then sat back down quickly... my girl blushed. You have heard the phraze "blushed from head to toe?" Dude. I didn't actually think that elbows could blush. I am so no not ready for this.


Mama D said...

They are all growing up SO fast. Gorgeous. All of them. Blushing elbows. Wow.

Nobody™ said...

They do grow up fast. Mei had just been born when I started reading this here blog. Wasn't that only a year ago? It sure seems like it.

Jam said...

Bon- you have the most beautiful kids. I am not a big kid person so I don't say that much. Seriously they are beautiful.

JenK said...

I love that last photo of Birdie. SO CUTE.

Also? I am living, breathing proof that the head to toe blush exists. I wish I could just get a little pink color in my cheeks but nooooooo.... It is always always always the head to toe blush. Even when I am only slightly anxious and not even a little embarrassed. Gah.

Brittany said...

Soooo cute :).......until my kids do

Maecy said...

I like the lean away Birdie is executing. She likes him so much it is painful to be near! Cute girl. Much too early for the Mama.