Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cutee Patootee's

Birdie's pre school program, she's singing "I'm a VIP in my Family."

Face of an angel... heart of a Chaos Girl.

Chow-hound and all around Messy-Bessy, she is Chaos in training.

More Chaos in the Kitchen... the blender has both brown and white sugar plus animal crackers in it. Mmmmm. Yum.
Great drawing... next time use paper. I'm not sure where the googley eyes came from.


Nikkie said...

That is one messy baby!!!

Lei said...

The floor art is the best. I'm glad you took the time to shoot a picture before losing it. :)

Fantastagirl said...

Oh My.... I can't believe that you were calm enough to take a pic of the floor art - I would have lost it... I hope it came up easily.

The pics of the girls are just adorable - they look sooo sweet!

bon said...

You'd have to ask Birdie if it was tough to get up... I think it was though... it required one of those magic eraser thingies and several minutes of her scrubbin'. She did comment that
"these aren't the washing kind of crayons, huh mama?"

Amber said...

Oh my hilare!

Birdie's looking so grown up! I like the hair too!

Also looks like the litlest chaos girl has some funky teeth- until I stared and saw it was something white on her tongue!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

ha ha ha! I love it. Yes, they are deceptively cute little buggers.

And look - you did not kill them!

Nancy said...

I love Birdie's skirt. I'll have to look for one my size.

And holy cow, what was Pearl eating that got her so messy??

Mama D said...

Oh the hair, it is so good. Those eyes are just full of trouble. Oxy-Clean Baby! Mmmm, cookie sugar shake! Eeek, your poor, poor floor.

bon said...

The unadulterated joy of a Gerber Biter Bisquit... is doesn't break much... it dissolves into slime.

The Daring One said...

That is the best messy baby picture I have EVER seen.