Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Am The Mama, Not A Maid

At the start of this week I observed to Dadguy that I couldn't understand why I don't take the time to clean the basement more often, since the basement stays clean and organized for a longer amount of time than the upstairs; emphasis on the kitchen and the dishes. Sort of a "more bang for your buck" housekeeping realization. Then I put away the Christmas tree and all the holiday decorations that we still had up downstairs. I cleaned, straightened and I vacuumed down there, and today I realized something else:

I lie to myself a lot.

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Mama D said...

I used to, like before we had kids, take a day, or part of a day, and clean the entire house. I used to love the feeling of it being clean everyone at the same time. Now I settle for one room/area being clean at a time. I don't have the same level of satisfaction. No where near. But I get by on knowing that my house gets clean, little by little. Repeat.