Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have a headcold. Bleah!

I had no intention of posting, but then as I was taking a break from cleaning and preparation for the Christmas Eve gathering we are having tonite, I read this post that a friend of mine wrote.

I had to go and Google the term "Festivus." I was never a Seinfeld fan. I think that I didn't have a TV or watch much TV during it's heyday in general.... but I have seen re-runs; and as I mentioned, not a fan. Just doesn't make me laugh much. Smirk occasionally, but not laugh.

All of that aside, in trying to explain some of her beliefs, my friend had used the term "Sacred" and did not seem to be getting any comprehension from the folks she was speaking to. So she asked them what they thought the word meant.

In thinking about the word "sacred" and what it means to modern society overall, I think that my friend really summed it up here:

"Perhaps nothing is sacred anymore, since the very concept of sacredness is becoming foreign. In some circles the idea of sacredness is distasteful–everything should be “equal” and therefore nothing should be ”special”, let alone special to the degree of “sanctity”."

What do you think Sacred means? Does it have any use in your everyday vocab, or is it defunct?


Anonymous said...

"Sacred" as an adjective means to me that something is of such indisputable value that it cannot be touched, that it is commonly accepted by all people who subscribe to the same values, religious or secular ones. This might border on un-PC-ness, but I really don't care. People of the same mind will recognize the "sacredness" of some value when they see it.


Heather said...

still thinking about this one...

Marie said...

Hello! I'm a first time reader, really enjoying your blog. I popped over from Elizasmom (and her post in response to your question is, I think, quite fasincating and might give your friend some hope in modern day society!)

To me, "sacred" is difficult to define, because it is so loaded with religion (sacred = holy, which means associated with a traditional God - whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu or what-have-you). As someone who doesn't subscribe to a particular religion, the word "sacred" is not in my everday vocabulary, because it feels like its part of someone else's langugage.

But that doesn't mean I don't FEEL that certain things or practices or concepts are sacred. To the contrary. I think life is sacred; meaning, every person, animal, and other living object on this earth deserves our love and respect and compassion. I think certain ceremonies and traditions are sacred, because they remind us of what should be the most important ethical goals of our lives. I think certain relationships are sacred, because they have such profound impact on our lives and our perception of the world around us. I think children are sacred, because they are so wholly innocent and dependent, and there is so much less between them and that undefinable (to me) thing that is the good and divine. I think love is sacred, because it represents the best of humanity.

I disagree with your friend that "nothing is sacred anymore." In certain circles, yes, it seems to be true. In certain circles, the concept of "sanctity" has been inverted or perverted (like when religious extremists carry out murder in the name of religion and what is sacred). But yes, many people feel reverance for what they perceive to be sacred, and live their lives with respect and love and gratitude accordingly.

Thanks for the stimulating question and discussion!!! And I hope you feel better soon!

Dina said...

Also, a first time visitor from Elizasmom. You ask a good question, Bon, and I've had to sit here and think about it for a little bit. I'm trying to recall the last time I used the word, "Sacred" in a sentence or even in my thought process. I believe I may have said, in response to a news story about a Church being robbed, "Is nothing sacred anymore!"

This is good food for thought.