Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I think the word "dude" is pretty funny.... a lot funnier than it is in reality. Like, my use of the word has lost it's irony, and now I just use it. All. The . Freakin'. Time.

Fact is, I think that swear words are even funnier. But I have been putting lots of effort into not swearing now-a-days... so that just leaves "dude."

Think about it. I now have a boy to call "dude"!

Cutie Patootie Dude. Little Dude. Doodster. Dude-icus Rex. The Dude Man. Round Dude. There is some unapologetic overuse going on over here.

Back when we had no kids, Dadguy and I went to see "Dude, Where's My Car" at the dollar movies. Have you seen it? Whoah, was that a baaaaad movie, but, whoah, we laughed our cans off! One particular line has made it into our all-time family in-jokes.... the old Chinese lady saying "...and theeeeeeeeeen?" Last night Dadguy pulled out that old-moldy at the dinner table for the first time in a while... using a gravelly voice and really drawing out the "theeeeen."

It's one of those bits that has been there for long enough that I wasn't 100% where it came from and had to ask if that was from the movie, and all Pearl heard in between bites of dinner was the title. So she laughed and said "mama! It's in the garage!"



Mama D said...

I agree. Terrible movie. But within terrible movies there can be gems like that. Although that clip is the classic "taking a good joke way too far'. Your nicknames for The Dude are fabulous. (Just like you)

Superwoman said...

hee hee, I've never seen the movie but that was pretty funny!

Nobody™ said...

I don't remember that part for some reason. Funny stuff. I still like the tattoo part.

shoeaddict said...

We do "and theeeeeeen" here too. Also, "no and then!"