Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ten Things and a Few Pics

1.  One of the main problems with posting so infrequently is there is so MUCH to post that I don't post anything... then there is even MORE to post and I don't post that either.  Today you will get ten cheesy summary bits and we will reset this blog.

2.  I have strep throat, and have now been on antibiotics for almost ten hours.  Other than my throat being gross and hurty I don't see much difference in the way that I feel right now (headache, body aches, tired and generally like crap) and the way that I feel when I am pregnant.  Actually I feel better than when I am pregs, I do not regret getting myself nuetered.

3.  The girls LOVE to sit in front of Henry and say over and over again with large amounts of inflection..."What's your BACON shakin'?!"  They will say it to him until he tires of it, and it takes a very long time before he tires of it.  As a matter of fact he will coo and grin and laugh out loud when they do it.

4.  I need to just get used to he idea that until the warmer weather hits, a sick baby is actually the default setting.  He's got a new cold and a sore throat.

5.  It's not like being sick is setting him back any though.... he packed on a whopping four pounds this past month.  This puts him into his 6-9 month outfits, and a size three diaper. He is 17 pounds y'all.  That's an awful lot of baby to lug around.

6.  My parents called and asked what Birdie and LaLa would like for their birthdays a little over a month ago... I told them that if they would like to be the hero's they could get them a "My Meebas."  They had reaaaally wanted a "My Meebas" for Christmas, but not even Santa could stomach the idea of shelling out twenty bucks a pop for these insipid things.  Apparently grandparents don't mind.  The folks sent them, and although they girls were THRILLED to get them, they left them on the shelf for a few weeks until Birdie finally figured out how to play the various LCD screen video games and "evolve " her Meeba enough to get the tube thingy to pop open, and get her amazingly cheap and dumb looking Meeba out.

7.  LaLa got hers to it's next-to-the-last evolution, got frustrated and then just used a butter knife to spring hers.  Same diff.

8.  Those awful things are truly the toys du jour, every single du jour ever since.  LaLa was just the other day bemoaning the fact that she had no My Meebas coloring book.  Hmph!  Coloring book, shmoloring book... have you seen those dreadful things?  They are freaking amoebas, I think I can draw an amoeba with eyeballs and a grin.  I got out a marker and made a slew of coloring pages for the girls.  I just wish I had made copies before they got colored in and then cut out.

9.  Poor Pearl was feeling left out, and even though Birdie generously gave her permission to  play with her Meebas every day while she was at school, that left all the rest of the day and the weekends.  I figured I could make her one, same as I made some color sheets... so I did.  For the "tube" I used and old facial cleansing sheet box.  This thing is every bit as loved as the real thing.

10 Obeseve: the "Mommy Bas."


Amber said...

1. I have that problem too
2. OUCH on the strep.
3. That is adorable and we need a video.
4. I'm anxious for spring and no more sick kids
5. Um, oink? It's okay though- fat babies are the best!
6. I've never heard of meebas. Yay for grandparent's though
7. They look like a Hollywood Flakes creation...
8. I am impressed with your artistic abilities.
9. Your mommy skills are impressive.

daring one said...

#1 = me.

Superwoman said...

lol,oh bon, I love it, they do look amazingly silly, good for you for NOT shelling out 20 bucks! Yours looks as good as the others. Tank is also into the 6-9 month clothes although I'm not sure how much he currently weighs, I just know that boy can get heavy!

elizasmom said...

Ditto Amber on Number 3, please!

And I love your creativity on coming up with the Momba. Those things haven't hit here yet, but I suppose I had better brace myself, huh? Hope I can get my act together as creatively as you do when the time comes...

Mama D said...

Yuck on the sick. I. so. know.

It's it amazing the crap they invent that makes kids go nuts and HAVE TO HAVE IT!!

I love your invention. Pure awesomeness. Much like yourself.

Sunni said...

Dude you should mass produce those suckers and charge 20 bucks a piece yourself.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh man. sick is no fun. get beddah already!

thanks for not telling my children about the stoopid meebas, if they knew they would be all over it as well.

they are already well versed with mommy's position on the Bratz.