Friday, August 08, 2008

Shtuff and Nonshensh

Allllrighty then, it's time to quit reading all y'alls blogs and jot down a wee bit of my own bloggary. My parents just left, they have been here since Sunday, more or less, and the week preceding was spent in a final sprint to get the basement habitable enough for their visit.

Or in other words, get some functioning bathroom stuff going; seal the tile, get a toilet, sink, shower, caulk everything etc.

Also in there I had regular family, church and personal stuff going on, plus Breaking Dawn to read. And the pregnancy. And I got pretty sick in there for a while too. And, and, and...

This has truly been my hardest pregnancy, but how much of the difficulty level is purely physical and how much stems from the demands I have made upon myself, I'd be hard pressed to determine. I do know that it is not an especially wise thing for a pregnant woman to be wandering the hallowed merchandising halls of Ikea, and yet there I was yesterday. Me and at least five or six other visibly gestating gals. Idiots all.

But I got some great curtains and sheers for the family room, plus a keen, round bathmat for the downstairs bathroom, so it's all good. Nesting. You know.

Only now I gotta install them. Sigh.

It's no great wonder to me, with all the "do" that I have stacked up in my daily life, and the constant interruptions to my every breath and action that three young girls can be counted on to bring, that virtually all contemplation and abstract thought has left the building. There is no time (or spare brain cells) to think about the why's and the underpinnings and the politics of being a woman, an American and a human being on this green globe. And I miss it. The thinking. My opinionated-ness. My passion for ideas. It all seems lost in this fog of hormone poisoning, and my meticulous hoarding of personal resources so I can make it all the way past baths, in to bedtime.

Thankfully, after thirty-nine years of life and three thriving offspring, I know in my heart that this too shall pass, and that I will be back to my normal pain-in-the-neck self. As opposed to the pain-in-the-neck that I currently am, which is a kinda surly-languishing-on-the-couch-griping-about-the-dinner-menu sort of self.

Overheard in Chaos:

Birdie to me after I have pulled the plug on computer games for the rest of the day:
"I've HAD it with your leadership!"

"I am feisty and CUTE, huh mama!?"

Pearl every five minutes or so:
"Pika! Pika-pi!"
and then as she clenches her little fists, squinches her eyes and doubles over, a hollered "PIKACHUUUUUUUUUU!" If you ever have seen a Pikachu electrical attack? Yeah... sounds exactly like that, with the volume at 10. All she needs is a yellow suit, black tipped ears and some large polka dots on her cheeks.

Ain't life grand?


Fantastagirl said...

Sorry - but I am just dying over the "I HAD it with your leadership" Did she put her hands on her hips too?

And stay out of IKEA - it just creates more work for you!

moo said...

I just LOVE Ikea ... but it is truly an exhausting experience!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

you know my girls are pikachus? did I mention this?

oh honey. pregerancy is blessedly finite - glad you're hanging in there!

Mama D said...

I hope you had a lovely visit. I know it's a lot of work but I bet it's a relief to have the bathroom finished and it likely would have been put off if company wasn't coming. Now it's done.

Your girls are smart, smart, smart! And CUTE!


elizasmom said...

I've HAD it with your leadership.
I am so tempted to say that to the next person who ticks me off!
As for your pregnancy brain and fatigue, here's my sending you an imaginary poster with a kitty clinging on for dear life, saying "Hang in there!"

Meredith said...

Birdie has some good lines!

I just read your most recent posts first and then got to this one and read you saying that you had no time for contemplation when I see that you made time for contemplation for your 2 posts after this one! I am glad you did that. Pregnancy is pretty hard, I agree - but hey, it is your last one right?
Did you get some swedish meatballs at Ikea too? That is my favorite part of a trip there.